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Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 31 round-up

    It's been one of those weeks on everyfilmin2011 where it's been a real strain to keep the whole thing going.
    As might be expected, our family bereavement is still dominating everyone's thoughts.
    With that in mind, Mrs W joined me at the pictures a few times in an attempt to go, in Cineworld's words "to another world'' for a couple of hours.
    Sadly, there has been nothing this week which has acted as much of a diversion.
    Ok, there have been a couple of decent re-releases and The Light Thief and One Life were quite engaging but nothing extraordinary.
    I would have ticked off Singham but yet again Cineworld couldn't get its act together on sub-titles. I am so bored with writing that.
    Anyway, nothing to add to the list of running top ten and worst ten movies. The movie of the week was Point Blank but I even missed bits of that because of projection room problems. It's been that sort of seven days..

    1. The Fighter
    2. Tangled 3D
    3. The Interrupters
    4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
    5.. Apocalypse Now
    6. The King's Speech
    7. 127 Hours
    8. TT 3D Closer To The Edge
    9. Benda Bilili
    10. Biutiful

    Worst films (worst is number 1)

    10. Zebra Crossing
    9. Kaboom
    8. Big Mommas Like Father Like Son
    7. Your Highness
    6. Taxi Zum Klo
    5. Zombie Undead
    4. All American Orgy
    3. Redemption
    2. I Spit On Your Grave
    1. Accursed Blood

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Week 31 round-up

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