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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

341. Singham.

    Everyfilmin2011 will not be thwarted. Cineworld Nottingham's failed subtitles meant a trip to the Piccadilly Cinema.
    Yet again, it didn't let me down - but I knew it wouldn't because I rang in advance and spoke to the very helpful chap on the desk.
    Why don't big businesses get it? Customer care is important. Direct phone lines are worth having.
    Anyway, I was especially pleased on two fronts. Firstly, because I got the chance to tick off Rohit Shetty's Singham and, secondly, because it was one of my favourite Bollywood movies of the year.
    It's the fourth film this year starring Ajay Devgan but is easily his most memorable role.
    He is the village cop who is respected for his firm but fair methods.
    When he is transferred to the big city he is faced with a gangster (Prakash Raj), who already has police and politicians in his back pocket.
    Thus, the virtuous and the villain are on collision course.
    This is a remake of a Tamil film but I seriously doubt that the original could possibly be as high octane and, in parts, as funny as this Hindi version.
    Devgan is in cracking form as the cop who will not be corrupted while Raj has real menace as his nemesis.
    The jousting between the two is like watching a tennis match. They deliver hefty blows to one another's egos but, it being Bollywood, there is only going to be one winner.
    Shetty has created some spectacular stunts (wait until the credits to see how some of them were done).
    The best ones involve cars but there also superbly choreographed fight scenes when he occasionally slows down the shots for effect.
    Meanwhile, the comedy, which is mainly confined to the first half of the film, had our audience rolling around.
    And, of course, there's the love story, with Devgan showing a rather less composed side in his match with the beautiful Kajal Agarwal.
    Their songs are not especially memorable although the title track is still running around in my head now.
    So, while it is yet another story about police corruption and includes the usual row over an unsuitable marriage, Singham does pack a considerable punch and as pure entertainment deserves 8/10.

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341. Singham.

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