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Saturday, August 6, 2011

339. YellowBrickRoad

    "How many was that worth?'', I asked Mrs W after 93 turgid minutes of YellowBrickRoad.
    "Two out of ten,'' she snarled. "And it was as boring as pig's poo.''
    I relate this because it demonstrates how the surreal movie we had just watched had scythed into her unconscious mind.
    I've never considered pig's poo particularly entertaining but I think it's a bit harsh on the droppings to compare them to this.
    YellowBrickRoad is a bit of a cynical title for a horror movie, isn't it?
    True, it conjures nasty images of the wicked witch of the west or even Elton John in high heels and flamboyant glasses but it doesn't lead anyone down the path of legs being cut off and other unspeakable acts, does it?
    But, there's me getting ahead of myself.
    What's the plot? A gang of adventurers try to retrace the steps of an entire village, who, in 1940, suddenly took to the hills and disappeared.
    After a few days trekking they suddenly start to hear 1940s jazz music in the woods. It goes on and on, gets louder and louder, and drives them all insane.
    And that's it.
    On the plus side, the jumpometer was required twice.
    On the minus side there were great swathes of dialogue which Mrs W and I just couldn't understand because it was mumbled and incomprehensible.
    And, as my other half says, it was boring as... you guessed it.
    YellowBrickRoad hit a few cinemas back in April, so I'm ticking it off now through Lovefilm.
    It provided 93 minutes which we will never get back and I'm agreeing with Mrs W's resentful 2/10.

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339. YellowBrickRoad

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