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Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Do I Need Sexy Lingerie?

    It's a common enough question. I am single, so why do I need sexy lingerie? I am married, so why do I need sexy lingerie? I am old, I am tired, and I am a million other things. Ladies! Please! Just stop. This is not about who is or is not in your life right now. It is not about who will be in your life next week, next month or next year, even. This is not about how tired you are, how fat you feel or how old you have convinced yourself that you might be. This is purely about sexy lingerie and why you need it. And trust me, girls, you do need it. You need it like the oxygen that you breathe or the water that you drink. It should be a part of your wardrobe, a go to piece for a number of reasons. By the time she has turned twenty one, every woman, no matter what, should have one example of sexy lingerie in her drawer. And, by golly, she should wear that sexy lingerie, even if she only does so while parading around her one bedroom apartment. But why? Here are the reasons that you need sexy lingerie.


    There are two kinds of confidence in the world- of them; body confidence is one of the hardest for women to cultivate. They often find themselves staring at the mirror picking out flaws and making a big deal out of them. Consider lingerie to be your therapy, your mask to hide those flaws, whatever you want to think. You pull out that red bra and panty set or that black bustier and you can't help but put a little wiggle into your walk. Confidence is sexy, baby and sexy lingerie can give it to you.

    Nothing Feels Better Than Silk

    Sexy lingerie, especially fairly expensive, exotic and just a hint erotic, lingerie is like a wicked dream that you get to keep having even after you wake up. Nothing whispers against your skin like the feeling of silk and nothing puts you more in the mood for love than that sexy whisper- you feel sexy so you look sexy and in return, you attract everyone's attention.

    Femininity Rocks

    Sure, you can throw a wicked, three finger, split knuckle ball that would make most major leaguers run home to their mommies and you can explain the left wing lock better than most men but every now and then, you want to girl up. You want to do your hair, paint your nails and pull out something lacy and frilly to wear. The normal, day to day bra and panties are not going to get it this time, ladies. It is time to pull out the sexy lingerie and see why being a girl, even a very modern girl, can be so much fun!

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Why Do I Need Sexy Lingerie?

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