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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 28 round up

    The great catch-up is continuing.
    Fewer films are being released (next week there aren't many more than Harry Potter) so I'm still wading though the backlog.
    I've been tracking down the Turkish films and one of my followers has even promised to send me some DVDs from India!
    But watching so many is draining and, in a week when the films are more average than exceptional, it can be a bit of a slog.
    I expect no sympathy but I've been getting to sleep at between 12.30am and 1am and getting up for the day job at 6.30am.
    This week I'm on the night shift for a few days so I might grab a couple more hours' shut-eye.
    Anyway, you don't care about my sleep patterns, you care about movies.
    This week's best have been Murder 2, my favourite Bollywood movie of the year so far, and the super Korean horror I Saw The Devil.
    I reckon I Saw The Devil claims movie of the week...just.
    I was tempted to put Godard's Film Socialisme in the overall bottom 10 but it was boring as opposed to offensive.
    One guy tweeted me to say Godard films are there to be studied rather than be entertainment.
    The last time I studied was in 1984 and I didn't like doing it then.

    Herre are the charts:

    1. The Fighter
    2. Tangled 3D
    3. The Interrupters
    4. Apocalypse Now
    5. The King's Speech
    6. 127 Hours
    7. TT 3D Closer To The Edge
    8. Benda Bilili
    9. Biutiful
    10. Pom Wonderful's The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

    Worst films (worst is number 1)

    10. Zebra Crossing
    9. Kaboom
    8. Big Mommas Like Father Like Son
    7. Your Highness
    6. Taxi Zum Klo
    5. Zombie Undead
    4. All American Orgy
    3. Redemption
    2. I Spit On Your Grave
    1. Accursed Blood

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Week 28 round up

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