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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week 27 round up

    I girded my loins, took two lungfuls of air and then re-started the great race with gusto.
    Halfway through the marathon of watching everyfilmin2011, I was behind.
    Yes, you know that already having read my progress report but what you may not have observed was that, in response to my current situation, I watched more movies last week than any other this year.
    Sixteen films in seven days.
    By last night I have to say I had a bit of a headache but if I can be on full throttle again this week I should have put myself in a position again to have a chance of cracking the challenge.
    Being away meant I could catch up on screeners and other DVDs but meant I was quite a way behind on what I call 'live' films - those are the ones which are currently playing at the cinema.
    Thus, I travelled to Leicester a couple of times, to Belper, enjoyed Nottingham Broadway, Derby Showcase De Lux and became even more of a regular at Nottingham Cineworld than I already was.
    Despite the great weight of movies, there were actually no changes to the running best and worst of the year.
    I would have loved to put Transformers 3 in the worst section but as bad as it is, it didn't deserve that fate.
    The Messenger was very very close to the top ten but then I realised how much Morgan Spurlock's movie made me laugh, so I couldn't bump it out.
    Thus, the charts are as follows:

    1. The Fighter
    2. Tangled 3D
    3. The Interrupters
    4. Apocalypse Now
    5. The King's Speech
    6. 127 Hours
    7. TT 3D Closer To The Edge
    8. Benda Bilili
    9. Biutiful
    10. Pom Wonderful's The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

    Worst films (worst is number 1)

    10. Zebra Crossing
    9. Kaboom
    8. Big Mommas Like Father Like Son
    7. Your Highness
    6. Taxi Zum Klo
    5. Zombie Undead
    4. All American Orgy
    3. Redemption
    2. I Spit On Your Grave
    1. Accursed Blood

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Week 27 round up

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