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Monday, July 11, 2011

My Menagerie

    With all the beasties in Storm of Magic that can now be feilded in any army I've had a bit of a rumage and seen what I can come up with from my collection that I can bind to my armies, which turns out to be quite a bit, although some of them are very old and the paint jobs are frankly embarrassing.  I think we're going to play a 'Monster Mash' next week which will just be armies of monsters against each other. 

    A lone Dragon Ogre, the Dragon Ogres are some of my favorite models in the range and I should really getting round to getting another couple to complete the unit.

    A unit of the classic Harpies, I finished painting these just before the current Warriors of Chaos book came out and I couldn't use them any more, which was annoying to say the least.

    Two Choas Spawn, painted for the two halves of my Warriors of Chaos army (Slannesh & Khorne).

    Two units of Chaos Warhounds

    A unit of Mixed Trolls, on the left we have a classice metal River Troll, in the middle is a Zombie Giant from an old board game called village of fear that I use as a troll, and on the right is the plastic troll from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set.

    An old warhawk that gets used as a war eagle for my high elf and wood elf armies

    This is where the painting quality starts to decrease, this is a classic dogs of war regiment the Giants of Albion

    A Gigantic Spider from my small Forest Goblin army.

    And finally a Dark Pegasus conversion I did as a kid, it's basically a horse with wings from the Heroquest gargoyle stuck on it, its amazing what I find in my games room sometimes, and that I once thought that this was good.

    I've shown the following two before but have included them for completness' shake.

     Lava Dragon


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