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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Face Painting Techniques and Tips - How to Paint the Butterfly Design

    Face painting has become a very popular activity these days especially in children birthday parties. There are plenty of great designs out there to choose from. The Butterfly, however remains one of the hot favorites among all. In this article, I offer some tips on how to paint one quickly.

    Here are some techniques on how to paint a Butterfly.

    Face Painting Tools needed:

    • Water based face paint that is FDA approved. Snazaroo is a good choice

    • One fine brush, preferably number 2

    • One medium brush, preferably number 4

    • One large brush, preferably number 8

    • One bowl of warm water

    • One form makeup sponge

    • One towel and some wet wipes

    • Face Glitter

    Step 1: Create The Outline

    You may use more than 2 colors to paint a butterfly, but to keep this instruction simple, we'll just go with 2 colors. So choose any 2 colors that complements each other. Using the medium brush, take the darker color and draw the outline of the wings starting from the bridge of the nose. We want the butterfly to fill at least two-third of the face, so spread the wings toward the edge of the face. Finish by outlining the wings with the black color paint to make it more pronounced.

    Step 2: Fill The Wings

    Fill the top and bottom section of each wing with the lighter color, leaving out the middle section of the cheeks. Then take the darker color to fill the unpainted spaces on the cheeks and blend the two colors well. Accentuate the inside of the wings. Add some dots using the light color paint and put on some glitter as well.

    Step 3: Paint The Body

    Take the black color and paint over the nose to create the body. Draw a circle above the butterfly to represent its head and use the fine brush to draw the antennae.

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Face Painting Techniques and Tips - How to Paint the Butterfly Design

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