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Monday, July 11, 2011

Body painting produced interesting effects

    Paint suppliers are responsible for providing paint to companies involved in the manufacture of a product in a wide range of industries. As product designs focus more on the tactile sensation of using a product, different types of paint are being developed to create an interesting feel as well as providing and interesting colour. The automotive industry is a great example of this. While there are many uses for paint effects on the exterior of a vehicle, manufacturers are using protective paint to improve scratch resistance and specially formulated paint to give a rubbery finish to plastic buttons.

    Consumer electronics such as phones and other hand held devices are also being coated in similar kinds of paint which give the device more friction in the user's hand. This makes it slip resistant and can be used to create interesting designs.

    Aside from making paints which have a particular feel, paint suppliers have developed paints with certain properties which allow them to be used for a particular purpose.

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Body painting produced interesting effects

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