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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Body Painting Album

    There's nothing in the canine world quite as cute as the puglet, or puppy of a pug dog. If you're starting a photo album of pug dog pictures, you'll definitely want to begin with a picture of when your dog is in its early months of life. Any moment that you capture, even in a still photo, will be a special moment. Watching them grow into their full size, which isn't all that large, is a pleasure. It can also involve some work on your part. Pug dogs are a breed that can suffer from a variety of aches and ailments, some of which are preventable and some that are just inherent in the breed. Before you can spend time enjoying pug dog pictures you'll need to pay some attention to the health and welfare of the dog itself. We've included a few tips here.

    Origins and History of the Pug Dog

    The earliest pug dog pictures most often seen are those that were painted back in 16th Century England, Ireland, and Scotland, where they were the favored breed of the Stuart family. They were also adopted as the official dog of the House of Orange in the Netherlands when a pug named Pompey saved the life of a prince by alerting him to assassins in 1572, so their portrayal in pictures from that era is always one of regality and respect. This time in history, though undoubtedly the most prominent period of their existence, was not their first impact on the world. Their origins are much further back in time, nearly two thousand years earlier.

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Body Painting Album

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