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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Best New Body Painting Tattoo

    Tattoos as body art? Oh yeah! Take a look around where ever you are right now. See any tattoos? My guess is yes. People get tattoos for a variety of reasons. They can be symbolic of some important event in their life, they can be a memorial to someone they love, or they can choose a tattoo design for purely ascetic reasons. They simply love the design and view it as body art.

    Some of these designs are very intricate and take shape over a number to sittings. The Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos are a great example of this. Usually the Koi Tattoos are set in a scene. They contain either water or garden designs that surround the Koi Tattoo. Some of these tattoos can cover the entire back or shoulder. There are generally very colorful and loaded with symbolism.

    If you look at these tattoos and their tattoo design, you will see that they are truly art. Art in a very real and beautiful form. The artists that designed and did the tattooing should be considered amongst the most talented of their trade.

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The Best New Body Painting Tattoo

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