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Monday, July 11, 2011

Artistic Body Painting

    Although tattoos have become all the rage in the west of recent years, I still have to say that I think tattoos on woman, and particularly big tattoos and those on the arms, neck, and face, are nothing short of grotesque. I wonder how many of these young women think about how they will look when they are old ladies bouncing their grandchildren up and down on their laps with floppy images that have become impossible to recognize due to aging flesh!

    Hmm! Anyway, that's enough of my opinions of the permanent markings of young adults as I'd like to write about the entertaining and temporary way to paint the body and in particular the face. That's right, kids are getting into body art too but for them it's fun, it's amusing, and most importantly, it's washable.

    Face painting designs come in all forms from fairies, butterflies, and pretty patterns for the girls, and perhaps dragons, beasts and ghouls for the boys. In fact, face paintings are limited only by the designers own imagination. One thing's for sure, the kids love having their faces painted and it's just great to see them get excited as they flick through the catalogue of face painting designs.

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Artistic Body Painting

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