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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Artistic Body Painting celebrity

    Clowns are perhaps the most popular for the lads whereas the beautiful butterfly designs are favored by the girls. Butterfly designs are more difficult and often the wingspan is stretched across the face from eyebrow to eyebrow and down along the cheek bones.
    Whichever face paint designs your kids prefer, the good news is that you can find these face painters quite easily nowadays and it's not just for summer fun either. Parties, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, in fact you name it there are themes for every occasion or quiet often, it's simply a treat for the kids just for being good.
    But here's the weird thing! Face painting used to just be popular among the kids, but now many adults are getting into the fad too and one fashionable form of new-age face painting for grownups involves decorating a face according to a famous painting such as the Mona Lisa for example, or American Gothic. These are really fascinating to look at as they also include the picture frame into the design. National flags, and maps are becoming common too, especially at sporting events.
    I guess it's nice to see folks lightening up in a world that seems to be increasingly more hostile and serious. Let the kids be kids and the adults be childlike, that's what I say! Face paining designs definitely bring out the spirit of fun and laughter into any event. Oh, and don't forget, although it's the face that gets painted the most, you can actually get any part of your body decorated with this washable art, so don't be coy!
    Just to finish on, as I started with rather a harsh criticism of tattoos and women, I'd just like to mention that there is a growing trend with temporary tattoos which last on the skin for a few days. As there are no dress rehearsals regarding permanent tattoos, I always think it's a good idea to get a temporary tattoo of about the same size and design placed where you want the permanent one to go. This will give you a few days to decide whether if it's really what you want of not. Have fun!

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Artistic Body Painting celebrity

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