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Thursday, July 28, 2011

322. Point Blank (A Bout Portant)

    I had to think long and hard about being too honest with this blog.
    You see, I've got to know the people at Derby Quad rather well and they are always very kind to me but this afternoon this went a bit pear-shaped during Point Blank.
    The movie, which I have to say, I was thoroughly enjoying, suddenly stopped. And then it missed a chunk out.
    I alerted the staff and, as helpful as ever, they stopped the film and tried to start it again where it had initially stopped.
    In fact, they tried to do that three times without success.
    So the movie ran to the end but the tension which had been built up so admirably by director Fred Cavaye had been rather dissipated.
    I thought the Quad team had tried their best to resolve the matter but I still don't know how much was missed in the middle.
    Anyway, that should not stop me from saying that Cavaye lived up to his excellent Anything For Her with this all-action thriller.
    It starts when a nurse's assistant (Gilles Lellouche) thinks he has been a hero by saving a patient (Roschdy Zem) whose life-saving equipment had been tampered with by an intruder.
    When he goes home, however, he his coshed for his trouble and his pregnant wife (Elena Anaya) is kidnapped.
    He is then instructed to remove the patient or his wife will be killed.
    Thus, begins one of the best chase movies of the year with the pace never stopping until the last minutes.
    On top of that there is one particularly huge twist which completely rearranges the audience's perception of the movie.
    Point Blank's cast is top notch, all playing their part in the drama.
    Lellouche is superb as the desperate husband who will do anything to get his wife back.
    Meanwhile, Anaya and Gerard Lanvin, who plays a top detective, are veterans of the fabulous Mesrine movies.
    In fact, the only thing Point Blank is lacking is Vincent Cassell doing his angry turn.
    And it's another French movie which I've liked! I must really have become far too arty for my own good.
    I'm giving it 8/10 and I'll hope nothing too dramatic happened in the bit I missed.

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322. Point Blank (A Bout Portant)

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