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Thursday, July 28, 2011

320. The Light Thief

    So the plan is for five-film Thursday, which would be a new everyfilmin2011 record.
    First up is a surprisingly good movie from Kyrgyzstan, one of the former Soviet republics.
    It surrounds the story of Mr Light, the man so named by the people of his village because he is a genius with electricity.
    Actually, he's a bit more than that - he has been siphoning off some of the supply to the poorer households, so they get it free and he is seen as hero.
    Aktan Arym Kubat is the director, writer and star of a movie which shows the deep effects of poverty in the outback of a country left to stand alone after the USSR broke up.
    Many of the young people have left to make their way in Russia, while those that remain grind out the most meagre of existences.
    However, they have a noble code.
    In Mr Light's case, he only steals electricity for the poor and is steadfast in his views on respect and loyalty.
    Unfortunately, there are still those vying for political power and they threaten not only Mr Light's livelihood but his very existence.
    Kubat's movie is both enlightening and thought-provoking. It presents a message that those with the least are probably the most difficult to buy off.
    But that makes it sound overall much more serious thoughout than it is. There are some wonderful light-hearted moments and it has a real poignancy
    We are look behind the veil of a world where horse is still the main mode of transport, people wash in tin baths and there is a local sport which we would find rather barbaric.
    Kubat himself is super in the lead role and he has a very able support cast.
    Some may find it a trifle slow - but wait until the ending, I suspect it will resonate for some time.
    Rating? 7.5/10

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320. The Light Thief

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