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Monday, July 25, 2011

317. Blackmail Boys

    I have to be honest, watching a movie which abounds with gay sex wouldn't normally be top of my agenda.
    But Blackmail Boys is on tour at the moment with the Pout LBGT festival tour and so I secured a copy from the guys at TLA Releasing.
    And, considering its $20,000-dollar budget, it holds up pretty well.
    In fact, what distinguishes it from many low-outlay films this year is that it actually has a worthwhile story.
    Nathan Adloff plays Sam and art student who was chucked out of his home when he told his parents he was gay.
    To make ends meet he becomes a male prostitute, a fact unknown to his long-distance love Aaron (Taylor Reed).
    But when Aaron finds out, instead of ditching Sam, he hatches a plan to blackmail one of his clients.
    The Shumanski Brothers use a number of techniques to keep the pace of Blackmail Brothers going.
    They include occasional use of hand-held cameras which at times Adloff addresses directly and narration by computer-typed messages.
    This doesn't distract from convincing performances of which Adloff is the obvious pick.
    Yes, there are strong sex scenes (why are there always more in gay films than there are in straight ones) and they make up too large a percentage of the 65-minute movie.
    In fact, without trying to sound too prudish, I was wondering whether the Shumanski Brothers had created a decent plot to mask the fact that they had created a porn film.
    Or is it that gay films have to have a large amount of sex otherwise they won't sell?
    Either way, it bordered on gratuitous.
    But, on the plus side, the storyline kept us guessing right until the end.
    Mrs W was on board for this one and we were unanimous in our rating of 6/10.

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317. Blackmail Boys

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