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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

307. The Violent Kind

    I'm still not going to the cinema at the moment for reasons described earlier but, thankfully, the guys at film distribution companies are keeping me supplied with upcoming movies.
    In this case, it's The Violent Kind from Metrodome (thanks Chris), which is out this weekend.
    But, while I've been impressed by recent horror releases, this, directed by the aptly named Butcher Brothers,  is just too weird for me.
    In fact, it's like two movies in one. Firstly, there is the fairly standard tale of an angry bike gang, strutting around and meting out violence to people who cross them.
    When they party, drink, drugs and loose women are all on the agenda.
    Yes, there are boobs and tongues aplenty.
    But, suddenly. a shadowy figure whistles half a pound of tuppenny rice, waves a knife and things take a turn for the violent.
    The bikers' enemy does not, initially appear to be another gang, however. It appears to be something unearthly and may have something to do with the shimmering northern lights in the distance.
    The Violent Kind starts predictably and descends into a last half hour which seems like it has been extracted from David Lynch's nightmares.
    I shan't tell you more about the plot because it would give the game away.
    Suffice to say, it becomes wacky, unpredictable and completely out of keeping with everything which had gone before.
    There is a great deal of blood, an amount of sadism and enough ham acting to choke a donkey.
    Joe Egender, the villain-in-chief, is the best thing in the movie. He is wildly over-the-top to the point of seeming demented.
    But the problem is that The Violent Kind is lots of talk and comparatively little action. And when grisly deaths arrived I was neither shocked nor sorry for the victims.
    I can only rate it at 3/10

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307. The Violent Kind

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