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Monday, July 18, 2011

306. Weekend

    As you may have seen, I haven't been to the pictures since Harry Potter on Friday but I shall try to do a bit of catching up on other films.
    So, here was a chance to see a DVD of the Polish gangster movies Weekend which I'd managed to buy.
    Weekend, those who have been paying particularly close attention may remember, is a film which was at the centre of my sub-titles nightmare.
    Mrs W and I traipsed across north London to see it at Wood Green Cineworld. It was advertised has having English translation but we sat through adverts and trailers only to discover it hadn't.
    At the time I was furious. Tonight I am glad.
    Instead, we saw Rango and that was pretty good. Weekend by contrast is a ghastly ham-acted, women and gay-hating pile of garbage, which Mrs W would have loathed.
    Cezary Pazura's flick seems to be attempting to be a Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels-style double cross.
    Every time a meeting is arranged between the various hardmen, someone meets a grisly death.
    Meanwhile, the role of women, with one exception, is simple. They are useful for gratification only.
    And the conversations about them makes the 1970s seem enlightened. If it's meant to be cool it fails hopelessly.
    Weekend has a script which lacks any semblance of subtlety. Almost every line can be seen ten minutes before it happens and the characters are as shallow as a puddle when the sun comes out.
    There are a myriad of gangsters who are just sterotypes but the most ridiculous part is that of the local cop. He has fathered a son by a prostitute and, now the lad is of working age, has agreed to give him a job.
    The idea that a police inspector can give his illegitimate offspring a full-time job is a joke in itself. The fact that he immediately takes him out on murder investigations makes it even more ludicrous.
    Mind you, it is entirely possible that I have missed the point with the whole film. It struck me halfway through that it might be a comedy...I just couldn't be sure.
    You see, the son of one of the crime lords is an Elvis-impersonating gay fella. I guess that was somehow meant to be funny. It wasn't
    I forgot to outline the film. Basically, it isn't much more than a race between a bunch of criminals who are  vying for a pile of cash and a large delivery of drugs.
    There is apparently some debate over the ownership of the both and this seems to entitle folk to behave in a most disagreeable manner. Rules seem to be that those left standing pocket the loot.
    It's rubbish and deserves no more words. I'd give it 3/10.

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306. Weekend

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