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Sunday, July 10, 2011

293. Ya Sonra

    Yet again, I wasted an hour and some money to park my car to go to Cineworld to find that a film (in this case, Delhi Belly) which is advertised as having sub-titles, didn't.
    I am really fed up of this.
    The lass on the desk at the cinema, although as helpful as possible, could do little more than shrug her shoulders.
    I've tried getting a response out of the Cineworld's HQ and did have one email back a few months ago but I've sent more since and they haven't replied.
    Why do they not care about their most loyal of customers? Mrs W and I have had Unlimited passes for four years. Don't we deserve better?
    Anyway, I drove home in my usual rage and at least managed to tick off one of the movies near the top of my catch-up list, Ya Sonra.
    I suppose the last thing I needed, however, was a schmaltzy romance.
    But that is what I got - pretty people arguing for nearly two hours about their loveless marriage with an ending so inevitable it could have been cut and pasted from scores of Hollywood movies.
    Ozcan Deniz and Baran Ozcaylan's movie really is a pile of wish-wash.
    Deniz himself plays the self-centred husband (Adem) who, after seven years wed, treats his missus as a doormat.
    This is despite the fact that she is both stunningly beautiful but also highly successful.
    On the face of it her work in an architect's firm probably brings in considerable more money to their house than his job at an animal shelter.
    Anyway, when the penny finally drops that he has been a complete plank, fate conspires against him and thanks to a bunch of unlucky coincidences (too many to hold any credence, frankly), the marriage finally goes belly up.
    She is then wooed by a super-rich property developer.
    Will Adem get the missus back? Did I care by this time?
    The answers to both are obvious.
    And so, it's been a long wait and a bit of an effort to see Ya Sonra. Ultimately, it was thoroughly inoffensive but, sadly, rather bland and worth no more than 4/10

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293. Ya Sonra

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