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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

287. Film Socialisme

    I feel a bit guilty. I have not been giving Film Socialisme my full attention.
    In fact, after watching the first 10 minutes I fell asleep.
    I then tried to give it another go but was a combination of bamboozled and bored so I've been twittering as I've been watching my DVD screener.
    Lizzie at Porter Frith, who sent it me, deserves an apology.
    She must think I'm a terrible Philistine because I was equally nonplussed while watching Uncle Boonmee last year.
    But Jean-Luc Godard's latest film did have me thinking whether, if I made a blurry home video on a cruise ship, I would be hailed for producing "a work of poetry'', "leftist agitprop'' or "expanisve provacation''.
    I'm sorry but I was so perplexed by this movie that I went on to the Rotten Tomatoes website to see what others were saying.
    As you can see from their descriptions, they are all very clever and understand it perfectly.
    Here I am thinking I would have preferred to watch Transformers 3 again - and that is saying something.
    Godard has basically taken random scenes (A cruise ship, a petrol station/family home) and his subjects make statements in various languages.
    In between there are oddities like two YouTube cats apparently talking to each other.
    But largely it is summed up by blurry video of two old people having breakfast, a shot of a llama tied to a petrol pump or a donkey with a TV tied to its back.
    Then there is a final segment which poetically examines great historical events like the Holocaust and the massacre in Odessa. In itself that might have been interesting. Here it seems wildly out of place.
    Just to add to the feeling that it has all disappeared up its own 'arris was the use of subtitles.
    Instead of a proper translation there is the occasional trio of English words flashed across the screen.
    I guess these words are picked out for emphasis but the result of the other dialogue not being translated was me dropping off again.
    I'm sure it was all very clever in a modern art sort of way but I'm afraid this old real ale loving football fan has never understood modern art so it was completely lost on me.
    It all looked like the Emperor's new clothes. Either that or I could sense Godard sitting in a chateau somewhere having a good giggle at the expense of those who had spent 101 minutes watching it.
    Rating. 2/10

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287. Film Socialisme

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