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Sunday, July 3, 2011

282. Double Dhamaal (Double Cross)

    First off, let me apologise to Nottingham Cineworld. Well, at least. half apologise.
    On Wednesday, I was hopping mad because its showing of Double Dhamaal didn't have the advertised sub-titles.
    It turns out that, because I arrived late, I thought a trailer was the film itself. Thus, I don't actually know whether the movie has sub-titles or not.
    I say only half-apologise because when I complained, the duty manager confirmed a lack of sub-titles and said they would not be available on Thursday either.
    Confused? Well, there would be no sub-title sage in everyfilmin2011 if all customers were treated like those at Piccadilly Cinema in Leicester.
    This is because, being an independent picture house, it has a telephone number which I call to check out the sub-title situation before I turn up.
    And so, I was able to watch Indra Kumar's film after all, this afternoon.
    Disappointingly, the comedy fell flat with me for the most part.
    As I've previously said, I think foreign comedies don't translate well. The jokes with language are completely lost for starters.
    But even Double Dhamaal's physical jokes didn't work for me - they were just two much like pantomime.
    Indeed, the pulled faces and one of the team being a bit slower than the rest just reminded me of the Chuckle brothers.
    I guess that Ritesh Deshmukh, Javed Jaffray, Arshad Warsi and Aashish Chaudhary are attempting to be the Marx brothers with all of them responding to their various farcical situations by taking on different characters.
    The problem is they are nowhere near as funny.
    The plot, for what is worth is that the quartet's own double cross in an attempt to earn them a shed of money is undone by the backhand of a well known businessman, played by Sanjay Dutt.
    Dutt then heads of to Macau and the four follow him in the hope of gaining revenge.
    Their plans are complicated and end up with more comedy scenarios.
    As seems to be tradition in most Bollywood films, the leading man (Dutt) is way older than his love interest. In this case 52 against the beautiful Mallika Sherewat who is 35.
    I am seriously thinking of moving to India because it looks like the perfect place to go to in middle age. 
    It seems like beautiful women are positively falling at the feet of average looking blokes as long as their shades look trendy. I must have a word with Specsavers before I go (don't tell Mrs W).
    Anyway, the reason I'm reaching for some extra gags is that I haven't got any more to say about Double Dhamaal. The worst thing is that this was a sequel and the ending opened out the possibility of a third episode. I can scarcely wait.
    Rating? 4/10

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282. Double Dhamaal (Double Cross)

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