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Saturday, July 2, 2011

280. Green Lantern 3D

    I am suffering from blockbuster overload. I am dizzy with the CGI but I should be happy in one sense... I haven't got 3D headache.
    Of course, having seen Transformers and Green Lantern in 3D, my eyes should be on stalks.
    The grim reality is that again we have paid extra to see two movies and received precious little in return. If 3D doesn't get better than this, it will go the way of Betamax.
    As for Green Lantern, I think it is possible I was pleasantly surprised by it because I was still suffering a Transformers hang over.
    I feared Ryan Reynolds wouldn't work as a super hero and he was just fine and I worried that the plot would be the same indecipherable treacle as Transformers, but actually a three-year-old could have understood it.
    Certainly it appeared that director Martin Campbell had the school holiday audience in mind. Sadly for him, it is not certain it will be in screens that long.
    Campbell's film looks into one of the less famous of the DC Comic heroes.
    Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, the reluctant hero, who is given super powers for a fight against the forces of evil. It is a battle on which earth's future depends.
    The Green Lanterns are spread across space, making sure that good triumphs over evil.
    They all wear a ring which 'selects' a new owner when the previous one dies.
    Reynolds is chosen because, on the face of it, he is a fearless fighter pilot. His emotional baggage does provide significant, hurdles, however.
    The storyline is predictable but there is a splendid cast which is another reason its is several notches above Transformers.
    The excellent Peter Sarsgaard is The Green Lantern's adversary. He makes a splendid, disfigured baddie. Tim Robbins is as tight as ever as his dad, an American senator and Mark Strong has the unusual opportunity to be on the good guys' side, as the leader of the Lanterns.
    But, let's be honest, the special effects win the day over the storyline. It cost a frightening $200 million and you can see where it has been spent.
    Mrs W wasn't as taken with Green Lantern as me. She reckoned it was entirely predictable. Her mark for it was 6/10, mine was 7.
    As our household is a democracy, we'll plump for a final tally of 6.5.

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280. Green Lantern 3D

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