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Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 25 round-up

    So here was the plan.
    I have brought 14 DVD screeners to Spain for our nine-day holiday with the idea of doing some catching up and even getting a bit ahead.
    The intention was even to go to Barcelona and take in a cinema there.
    Would this have amounted to cruelty to Mrs W? Well, not really because she always wakes up two hours after me and takes bloody ages getting ready to go out at night.
    So, chances were, I thought that the ambition could be fulfilled.
    I hadn't counted on the fact that I have been so knackered lately that I am sleeping in until 9.30/10am and the Mrs seems, after all these years, have perfected getting ready in 20 minutes.
    And, of course, there is the lure of long walks, cold drinks and the beach.
    Thus, I've seen four movies but the blog is taking a bit of a beating. Still, it's better than Gran Canaria in January when I was completely unprepared and didn't watch any films.
    As for the 13 I have seen in the week as total, I enjoyed many but none have upset either the running top or bottom tens.
    However, I must say thank you again to my screener suppliers and to my increasing band of followers. The blog is now regularly getting more than 600 daily views - I am astonished and grateful for the support which really is coming from all over the world.
    Many of you tweet me at @everyfilmin2011and I am delighted to hear from you. I always reply.
    So, this week's top film. I should say Incendies, shouldn't I? But I'm going for Bridesmaids.

    1. The Fighter
    2. Tangled 3D
    3. The Interrupters
    4. Apocalypse Now
    5. The King's Speech
    6. 127 Hours
    7. TT 3D Closer To The Edge
    8. Benda Bilili
    9. Biutiful
    10. Pom Wonderful's The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

    Worst films (worst is number 1)

    10. Zebra Crossing
    9. Kaboom
    8. Big Mommas Like Father Like Son
    7. Your Highness
    6. Taxi Zum Klo
    5. Zombie Undead
    4. All American Orgy
    3. Redemption
    2. I Spit On Your Grave
    1. Accursed Blood

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Week 25 round-up

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