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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • arnet
    08-22 07:11 PM
    not sure about I-140, i think it should be ok to mention your spouse name but check with your immigration lawyer about this.

    NOTE: as far as i know, if your wife is in H4 visa, you can file her AOS (I-485) as your spouse. But if she is in F1 visa, you CANNOT file her I-485 as your dependent along with your I-485 since she is in F1 student visa. but check with your immigration lawyer about this..

    Disclaimer: I'm not an attroney so Consult an immigration lawyer about your situation.

    I am on H1-B, and about to apply for I140.
    My wife has recently got a F1 visa (and her H4 visa has been left valid).
    I am applying for I140. Is it ok to mention her name on my I140 as my spouse?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • rbharol
    08-07 02:15 AM
    Is skill bill part of these immigration reforms which Bush is talking about?
    If these reforms go through, should we assume that SKIL Bill too will get through?

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  • JunRN
    09-18 04:42 AM
    It depends on your Service Center. For TSC, you can have your EAD after 11 weeks from Receipt. For NSC, you can have your EAD after 12 to 14 weeks from Receipt.

    Yeah, it could be on October or early November.

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  • gary_bydesign
    10-13 09:09 PM
    nice but your button text is not the same size and position when you rollover them.

    the small false looks too small and moves left a bit.

    (try rolling over them like true false true false)

    but nice bits from swift looks like you read the help file lolol.

    (me too)


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  • Ind-Can
    01-04 12:24 PM
    Hello All,
    I got my US green card in EB3-I category through consular processing after an interview in Montreal, Canada in 2004.
    My PD is 29 March 2002. My family could not accompany me to the interview and hence they did not get their green cards at that time. I wanted to schedule an interview for them since 2008 and the Montreal Consulate informed me that my PD is not current. This is somewhat strange as I have already got my Green card in 2004. I have tried all options but everyone tells me that I have to wait till my PD becomes current. I am not a US citizen yet. The way EB3-I is going it will be easily another year till my PD becomes current. (The PD date has moved by 1 month in the last 6 months)

    I will appreciate if anyone has any suggestions for me.

    Thank You!

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  • Wednesday, Jul 14, 2010.

  • Blog Feeds
    04-09 09:30 AM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    http://www.immigrationvisaattorneyblog.com/Magnify%20Glass.jpgIn our blog of yesterday (http://www.immigrationvisaattorneyblog.com/2010/04/border-guards-will-finally-use.html), 1 April 2010, we mentioned the new screening procedures at US ports of entry (POE). Fong & Chun's clients travel a great deal, passing through Los Angeles and other immigration ports of entry. As lawyers to so many travelers, we try to provide accurate information about border issues. We have learned a little more about the new screening protocol.

    In the past, all citizens of certain countries believed to be supporters of terrorism would all be scrutinized indiscriminately. Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Sudan are widely believed to have been on this list of soi-disant unfriendly countries. Citizens of other countries -- perceived as "friendly" to the USA -- would be subject to less scrutiny.

    The new POE screening procedures use intelligence-based threat assessments. This information will be applied to all persons arriving at a POE, including Americans. If border guards have intelligence that -- let's pretend for a moment -- a university-age male student from Africa might be trying to engage in dangerous activity, then the border guards would be on the lookout for university-age male students from Africa. In contrast, university-age male students from, say, Malaysia, M�xico, Moldova, Monaco, or Myanmar would not be subject to the same scrutiny.

    This new, intelligence-based approach makes the most of the information provided by US intelligence sources without painting everyone with an indiscriminately broad brush. --jcf

    More... (http://www.immigrationvisaattorneyblog.com/2010/04/all-travelers-subject-to-revie.html)


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  • Aah_GC
    11-16 09:43 AM
    Friends, How can I join this state chapter? What is expected of me? What are the upcoming events? I contribute $50 on a monthly basis and have contributed $100 so far.

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  • mjdup
    10-16 05:08 AM
    I was in a similar situation as you and had to use this firm. H1B filing experience was fine but the entire GC process and filing was not a good experience at all. There were days I had to call the paralegal and teach him the new immigration laws and that's never a good sign ! Because of their mistake I was stuck in Eb3 rather being in Eb2. May be they will deal differently with your case but have a chat with them and your company managers before you agree to use them. I m with another company and another attorney firm and they are awesome !

    Anyway, pm me if you need more info. Good luck,


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  • ScratchingHead
    10-01 06:06 PM
    Ah!! thanks for reading this post. Give me green and you get the GC within a year. If you give me "red" still I am happy.

    So, its up to you.

    I just edited this post....i want everyone to succeed and have a good, peaceful life.:D:D:D:D

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  • Dipika
    10-11 01:55 PM
    Thanks for reply...
    do we need to file any other form along with i-130.
    like i-864 or is this needed at a later stages.?

    Thanx in advance

    No. You need to file only i-130 and attach required docs like Birth Certificate etc.
    we need to file I-485 (Adjustment of status) when the date is current which happens after long wait...


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  • Wednesday, April 27, 2011

  • mundakamal
    06-20 09:01 PM
    please reply gurus.

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  • gvenkat
    05-04 08:53 PM
    You might be better off checking a canadian forum. From what I read it seems it takes a while. I can't believe that those idiots can't give us an on entry visa. Sigh!!!


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  • bombay707
    11-16 08:34 AM

    I lost my job on 7th Nov 2008. On the same day I received the offer letter & my H1 transfer was applied by the new company. This new company goes by rules, so they are waiting for the H1 receipt. They have not applied H1 trasnfer in premium processing.

    My questions are,

    1.) What time is it taking to get a receipt by USICS? (NON Premium Processing - I�m in NY City - so probably Vermont Center)

    2.) Do we have any rule in written (Official), that as soon u apply for transfer, without getting the receipt; you can work for the new employer?
    (So I can show it to my new employer)

    3.) Can I follow with USICS? Have they received my application for transfer? How to contact them? What reference should I give them, to find my application? (I don�t have tracking number - FedEx receipt)

    4.) What is the time taken for the H1 Paper, to be delivered after receipt, by USICS?

    Trust me this is so frustrating, U can�t join because of all this paper work.

    Please respond ASAP.

    NOTE: Also please let me know , when u had applied the same.

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  • prakumar
    07-18 11:37 AM
    I am in a complicated situation...

    Approved labor (PD 2003 EB2) from company A (not employed with them). Filed 140 and 485 (self as primary and wife as dependent). Ability to pay RFE on 140 and then denial on 140 and 485. Currently, appealed the decision because needed to get H1 extension and case has reopened. My wife (with company B) had her 140 approved (EB3 with PD 2006) and so after the July bulletin filed for 485 (her as primary and me as dependent) because my case seeemed a little dicy.

    So we both have multiple 485's filed (although the first one since the decision is not final on 140 technically they might not have started considering the 485). Read multiple places that legally you can have only one 485 approved but could have multiple 485 pending and withdraw the other once anyone has been approved. Is this true? or you CANNOT even have two 485 pending?What is the best thing for me do do right now?


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  • kim123456
    12-30 11:44 AM
    I have always stayed on H1B since I came in USA.
    I entered in USA on H1B with Company A. Transferred H1B from A to B and B to C in last three years. Currently I am working for Company 'C' and my green card file was filed in Company 'D' in Year 2004.Labour and I140 approved and I485 filed and pending as part of Green card processing with Company 'D'(EB-3 category).I have never worked for Company 'D'. Not even spent single day at Company D. Now, Company D is suffering from 2008-2009 worst recessions and about to get close in one month. They already informed me. What are the options to get green card with as less risk as possible?
    Please accept my appreciation and thank you in advance for your time that you will spent to help me on this issue.

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  • [Legoman]
    10-24 01:20 PM
    If you create a new 'plane' and position it below the object as a floor, you will get a shadow. You can move the light sources about to get the right shadow.

    ps. make sure you tick the 'include shadows' option when rendering your animation.


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  • Photogenius
    04-16 03:15 PM
    welcome to the forum!

    I like your stamp! bit gory though! Dunno if it adheres to the rules etc. but i like it!

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  • bouncer
    11-06 01:39 AM
    Hi bouncer!
    You need a clientaccesspolicy.xml file that allows you to make accesses across domains: http://scorbs.com/2008/04/15/silverlight-http-networking-stack-part-2-cross-domain-communication-overview

    Kirupa :P

    Hi Kirupa,

    Thanks for your answer and the Karen's link. I was reading your article " Preloading and Displaying an Image " . Great article. Do you have any idea to write an article based on todays question?

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  • factoryman
    06-13 07:54 PM
    No, not necessarily in my opinion. She has legal F1 status and that is what you will show on the relevant forms.
    I have my 140 approved and my wife is on F1. How can I proceed with filing 485? (since the dates are current). I am thinking that my wife need to be on H4 before I file for 485.
    Will appreciate if anyone has had similar experience and is willing to share.


    09-19 12:52 PM

    waiting for GC2010
    11-15 12:49 PM
    Hello motivated,

    you can search some good online universities to join her and change her status to F1.She can do MBA or Masters through some accredited online university,so that she can attend classes online no need to go anywhere.
    If you try in this route she can get her CPT/OPT so that she can work,
    and will achieve masters degree finally,which will help to find a sponsor easily.
    If u want to persue that job which is offering you bright future,may be this is the option u can use to maintain the status of your wife.

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