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Monday, June 27, 2011


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  • gchopeful2
    08-01 12:56 PM
    The has to be physically present in the US to apply for 485. If she does not have a passport then she cannot file for 485.


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  • STAmisha
    01-23 03:50 PM

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  • prasadn
    05-03 03:58 PM
    Recently my company got acquired by another company. Co A had filed for my LC, and was approved in Feb 09, and my i140 was filed in EB3 in Sept 09. Co B wants to keep me, and I will continue the same job. My H1 has also been transferred to Co B. My question is:
    will there be any effect on my LC and I140? If so, what happens to my PD (Nov 08)

    If company A got fully merged into company B and it no longer exists as a entity, then company B will have to file a successor in interest petition (I-140).

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  • chanduv23
    03-13 03:58 PM
    I have got my I 485 rejectd when i filed during AUG 2007 due to Improper fees but we paid the correct fees.We refiled with saying "Improper Denials of I-485 " and double packed saying byboss mail room. We tryied more than 5 times always we got back saying PD is not current. Please advice me how to proceed on this.

    Thanks for your help!!

    I think the mail room does not handle such mail. You may need to file an MTR. Contact a good attorney - I did read on Sheela Murthy's website that USCIS is improperly handling the July 17th to August 17th 2007 filing as they go by August 2007 fee schedule.

    I think if it is a mistake on their side, usually theey return the MTR fees. I am not sure though.

    Try contacting DHS Ombudsman's office and see how they can help.

    But the first thing I suggest is to talk to a good Attorney.


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  • Jaime
    08-20 03:32 PM
    Work travel prevents me from attending the DC rally on the 18th (was going to attend on the 13th), but if anyone is hesitating on whether to go due to funds, i offer $200 if you promise to attend. Send me a private message!

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  • rajeshalex
    06-08 10:25 AM
    I would suggest to plan in 3 months advance so that you can send all the documents from usa, prepare documents in India and planning the trip.

    If anyone needs a B1 visa frequently asked questions and answers pls send me a PM.



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  • goel_ar
    03-31 03:46 PM
    I recently applied for a PAN Card. Got a DD through my parents in India and sent the form. Today they sent a mail with following --

    1) We are yet to receive payment for application.- Kindly e-mail Cheque /DD no. and date on which amount has been debited from your account

    2) Photograph provided is not proper for scanning.

    Have any one faced similar problem ? A valid DD was included and they say they did not receive the payment ?? Also, the photo was of right size and clear enough so I am not sure what else to do.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated
    check with your bank whether they cashed the DD. tell them DD is lost - they might cancel old one & issue new one.

    Photograph - no idea. call them & find out.

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  • desi3933
    02-03 03:49 PM

    Both me and my wife are on EAD and have valid AP (valid till December 2010), H1 expires in Jan 2011(not stamped on our passport) . Priority date is June 2005, have a job and have current paustubs/w2.

    My wife is in India currently - we both are planning on coming back in April sometime with our new born baby. My question is about getting H4 stamped for our baby.
    1.Do we need to get our H1 stamped on our passport to get H4 for our kid ?
    2.What happens if our I485 gets approved before we get H4 stamp for our kid ?
    3.What is the procedure these days to get H4 stamped on passport ?


    1. Yes, H4 is derivative status. Primary should be in H1 status.
    2. As long as kid was born BEFORE I-485 was approved, kid can get GC as follow-to-join.
    3. Contact the US consulate in your area and your employer to get list of documents needed.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • raysaikat
    12-04 11:52 AM
    I had a lot of emotional and financial distress upon my graduation and I didn't get to apply for OPT. What do I do?
    I mean I know I need to go speak with the dept that handles intl students in my school?
    But, like, any pointers or information to please assist me?
    Any constructive information/help, will be useful!
    Also, I am looking into getting into graduate school within the next yr to yr and half!

    If you graduated 1 year ago and was no longer a student in this last year, and did not apply for OPT before graduation, then you are already out of status - your F1 status ceased when you graduated. Moreover, your I-94 most likely said D/S. So the I-94 covered your stay only during the time you maintained F1 status. So you have been accruing illegal presence time. 6 month of illegal presence would trigger 3 year ban on reentering US; and 1 year or more would trigger a 10 year ban.

    The prudent thing for you to do is to go back to your home country, and come back with a proper VISA.

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  • rajenk
    10-12 11:12 AM
    No that is wrong assumption. H1B can be extended only based on the beneficiary's self I-140 not spouse's

    Consult his/your attorney and renew H1B. At least start GC process to be eligible for H1 extension after 6 years


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  • sury
    02-08 01:30 PM
    can anyone please reply

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  • kirupa
    05-27 03:11 PM
    Added all four of them up ;)


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  • 1human1
    03-04 07:58 PM
    any suggestions/answers pls? thanks

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  • eager_immi
    07-18 03:47 PM


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  • USABrightFuture
    03-01 11:19 AM
    I applied for H1b visa transferred in Nov 08 inspite of not having recent pay stubs. After applying transfer, I started working for new employer.
    Last week I got query from USCIS asking my latest pay stubs (Oct 08) and yesterday I got Laid off from my new job after working for 4 months (till Feb 09).

    My husband is on L1B visa.
    In my case
    1. Shall I consider transferring to L2? for this do I need to go to my home country (India) for L2 stamp?
    2. If COS to L2 is approved, Can I work on my old H1B again if I find an employer who is ready for transfer?
    3. If I travel to my home country(India), will my H1B visa be cancelled? as currently i don't have any H1B approval.
    4. Whether the Request For Evidence(REF) on my H1B transfer will have any implication on L2 stamping?

    Please help ..
    Regards ...

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  • cellphone
    01-04 07:31 PM

    link for those interested


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  • ameryki
    01-08 02:36 PM
    US rolls out new online visa form in India

    By IANSJanuary 6th, 2010
    NEW DELHI - With the demand for US visas surging by the day, the US embassy and its consulates in India have introduced a new online non-immigrant visa (NIV) application form to cut out needless delays.

    The DS-160 form will be online on the website of the US embassy from Jan 19. For all NIV visa appointments starting Feb 1, applicants will need to fill out the DS-160 form, the US embassy said here Wednesday while announcing the introduction of the new form.

    The new form, that leverages new technologies, is expected to cut processing delays as applications could be pre-processed and pre-screened before an applicants interview.

    Applicants will continue to complete visa application forms online, as they did previously with the Electronic Visa Application Form, the embassy said.

    The demand for American visas has been escalating in India over the years.

    The four US consulates in the country had processed 725,000 visas in 2007 - a 58 percent increase from 2006.

    India is among the top 10 countries sending visitors to the US.

    Below is more update



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  • ilyaslamasse
    04-28 01:51 PM
    It's done with Flash. The 3d animation is done with Swift, but then Flash does all the job.

    pom 0]

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  • G
    01-29 02:22 PM
    bump :)

    05-23 12:41 AM
    have you clicked on the "animate" toggle button on the right hand side of the toolbar? If not you can't set any animations.

    10-29 04:49 PM
    I also received the same message for my i485 application. Still have not recvd it. Anu updates from your end ?

    I just got my FP notices which were returned to USCIS as undeliverable as I changed address. They mailed the same notice back with the old envelope (with post office label saying undeliverable - cannot forward as return service requested).

    They send the same notice back. They didnot reschedule my FP appoitnment. I am glad they did not because after I missed my appt my attorney got a copy and then went in a walk-in and got my FP done...I was worried as my inquiry about missing FP notices might have made them send a new notice with a new appoitnment date.. I am glad they checked the system and saw that my Fing prints are already in the system....

    In your case, it might any of the returned notices....

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