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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sexy Bikini Art Body Painting

    When the phrase Italian sheer lingerie is mentioned, you can expect sweet and sexy lingerie to be imagined. That's basically what it is. While they come in different designs, fabrics and styles, Italian lingerie always has that sweet and sophisticated touch to it

    Italian style is somehow synonymous to classic beauty. You can see it in their architecture and paintings. You can expect a lot of lace and embroidery, as customary of their designs

    Their clothes are sexy, yet not vulgar and instead exude sophistication and independence. When you wear Italian lingerie, you are sure to feel confident about yourself and your sexuality. That is the secret of their lingerie. When you look at their models sporting sexy lingerie, you can expect them to be on top of their game. And men will definitely give way for them

    Their lingerie is teasing and yet somehow virginal. It is a good mix of everything, a middle ground that does not seem boring. It is actually interesting and well-blended, suitable for just about anyone. You will also feel expensive when you wear one of those numbers since their designers show such workmanship for their lingerie.

    Their sheer lingerie usually comes in two pieces, a g-string or a bikini and a beautiful bra or a corset-like top. While the embroidery may make them look heavy, they are actually light and breathable, made of fine stretch materials

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Sexy Bikini Art Body Painting

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