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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • sapota
    10-10 04:39 PM
    I spoke to another Border Post official and he suggested that i drive uptp the nearest border and they would refuse my entry to Canada as i don't have a valid visa and i can turn around and come back to US and i can get a new I-94. Do you think it would be safe to do this ?
    Any advices?

    You will not get new I-94 for travel to Canada less than 30 days.

    What visa status are you in? If you are on H1, your H1 renewal will have the new valid I-94.

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  • shana04
    03-08 12:13 AM

    After a long time I am logging into IV board. It was difficult period. Moved from TX to VA During January start. It took long to get me a good "matching" job and had to move on EAD. Sent the "proof of employment letter" to lawyer for AC21 notification.

    - BharatPremi

    Please see your PM

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  • senk1s
    10-15 05:02 PM
    your company needs to maintain an HR file with I9 for all employees (including US citizens)

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  • Ann Ruben
    04-28 07:13 PM
    you can file for a change of status to E without haveing to leave the country.


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  • kalyan
    06-15 11:19 AM
    Mine got approved exactly 2 months and a week. The lawyer sent me a copy of I-140 that was sent to USCIS and that covered my Labor certification also.

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  • matreen
    12-16 07:33 PM
    Hi there,

    One of my friend who just finished his masters and in process of getting his OPT in hand, also he is planning to file his H1B visa in 2010.

    While his status in OPT he got an oppertunity to own a corporation, my questions to you all as follows.....

    1. Can he own a coroporation while his status on OPT? I know one can own a corporation if his/her status is on H1B.

    2. If he own corporation with his current status (OPT) and if he files his H1B in year 2010; what issue might he face?

    3. Are there any legal obligations to own a corporation while his status on OPT? Or does he require to take any extra measures / precautions to own this coporation?

    Note: He just wants own this company and not plan to do anything much to it until he settles down and he wanted utilize this oppertunity.

    I would really appreciate your answers.....



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  • polk881
    01-26 10:58 AM
    Hi. I just e-filed my I-539, status of change request from F-1 to H-4. I just found out that I chose "North Korea" for my citizenship, while it was supposed to be "South Korea". I chose "South Korea" for the passport issuance country.

    How can I fix this? Should I attach a letter explaining this, when sending the supporting documents? What else supporting documents should I submit, other than my husband(H-1)'s paystub, I-129 approval notice and our marriage certificate?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • stxvr
    06-30 08:36 PM
    My passport was expiring so I applied for the new passport to indian embassy San fransisco. I got this new passport from indian embassy san fransisco. Now my company has applied for my H1B extension with the details of this new passport. We got a receipt number for the H1B extension but it looks like that it will take 2 more months to get the actual extension in hand.

    Recently I found that my new passport has my mother's name speling mistake (one letter wrong). I am planning to call indian embassy to make this correct. As they made this mistake while creating this new passport ( my old passport and the application had the correct mother name )

    I have following questions:

    1. Does embassy cancels the existing passport and issues new passport in such case ? OR
    It makes correction in the existing passport.
    What does it do in such cases?

    2. If embassy cancels the current passport and issues the new passport then in that case I should go for this change after I got my H1B extension approval (because my H1B extension has the details of current passport). is my understanding correct?

    3. Say I reqest for this change after getting the approval of H1 extension and I get a new passport from the indian embassy then in that case do I need to inform about that new passport to the USCIS.

    What should be the best sequesnce OR way to correct all this.


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  • willwin
    07-30 06:21 PM
    Not trying to steal this thread.

    I am completing my 6 years as well. My I140 is approved and pursuing Consular Processing.

    My H1B extension has been filed. Is it true that H1B extensions are rejected these days without proper reasons whatsoever?

    And, if everything looks good, is a 3 year extension certain?

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  • Ann Ruben
    01-21 08:41 PM
    So, you are entitled to H-1 status through Sept. 2010. Most US consular officers would realize that the petition approval through Aug. 2011 is a mistake and either issue a visa valid only until 9/30/2010 or refuse to issue a visa until you obtain an amended petition approval with the correct validity date. If you do leave the US to go for visa stamping based on your current approval notice, there is a substantial risk that you will be stuck out for some time.

    If it is essential that you be able to travel, my advise would be to have your current employer file an amended petition asking that the end date on the approval notice be changed to 9/30/2010. In that case, you will not be able to extend your H-1 status beyond 6 years unless both your labor cert. and I-140 are approved by 9/30/2010. Given current processing delays, this is unlikely.



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  • mwin
    02-26 01:11 PM
    I have a simply question, not urgent, not immediate

    I moved to a different place (same city), but my wife is out of country. I am trying to file AR-11 for change of address, but it is asking for Last Port of entry. Is AR11 needed only for people who are currently in the country.

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  • dbar
    07-16 10:18 AM
    Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply.


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  • Rune
    July 27th, 2005, 10:15 AM
    The image also has the leaning-to-the-left feel to it.

    Absolutely! I wonder if it could be those trees again. It looks like the barn is straight compared to the slanted tree in the middle.

    Maybe a chain saw is called for? :D

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  • elaiyam
    10-08 08:12 AM
    Yes.. you can.


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  • ExoVoid
    04-10 07:28 AM
    are you using a CRT screen? on my LCD it looks fine

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  • elusive
    07-08 11:24 AM
    I have couple of questions regarding timeperiod for which I can stay outside US while my I-485 is pending . I had to undergo a re-do surgery of my back in India and was adviced complete bed rest till it heals due to which I am outside US since Jan ending till date

    1) Will it effect my GC application as some say its not good to stay more than 180 days outside US continously.

    2) I am on H1 status will it be a issue at POE to have gone for this long

    3) What docs should I be carrying to awnser questions at POE.Is client letter mandatory or continued employment letter and I797 good

    Kindly let me know your advice in this case


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  • jai007
    02-27 11:17 AM
    We have filled on July 19th Not yet received the FP notice.

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  • STAmisha
    11-14 12:56 PM

    When I sign in to USCIS online status for my 140, I found this

    On August 12, 2007, we received this I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we re

    Is this August 16 receipt date or notice date? I dont remember when my lawyer sent my 140 to USCIS?

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-07 09:40 AM
    We recently assisted a client from Johannesburg, South Africa, regarding an H-1B specialty occupation visa. He was approved for an H-1B visa, but in order for our client to enter the United States, he must obtain an H-1B visa in his passport. Because the chances of visa issuance vary greatly depending on documentation and individual circumstances, we suggested that he go to the interview at the U.S. consulate very well prepared. We told him to take a certified copy of his entire H-1B package that was filed with the Immigration Service, along with his Form I-797 Approval Notice. We also suggested that he take original birth certificates, marriage certificate, and proof of financial support. He attended the interview this morning and his experience at the U.S. consulate in Johannesburg, South Africa was documented as follows.

    “My wife, myself and our son had our interview at the U.S. Consulate here in Johannesburg this morning, at 9:00am. We duly arrived at 8:30am, had our relevant DS documents checked at the door, took a number, and waited for the “call.” At promptly 9:00am we were called to a booth, where our fingerprints were taken, the DS forms checked with the original I-797 form, and then told to go and sit down again. 10 minutes later, we went back to the booth, had our fingerprints taken again, and that was it. All visas approved, and to pay DHL the delivery costs. No questions asked, no documents asked for, no requirement of proof of copies of documents, nothing. All in all a painless and easy task.”

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/SIuWhfoqaFk/)

    07-20 03:54 PM
    < bump >

    08-23 06:34 PM
    Since EB-1 does not need labor certification, the process is completely independent of EB-2. As such you cannot "port" your EB-2 application the way people transition from EB-3 to EB-2. You will have to apply directly to USCIS with evidence of your "extraordinary ability" in your field, such as honorable membership of professional bodies, research track record, letters from well-known people in your field etc. The first stepto convince USCIS about exceptional ability is very involved, but there on I-140 and I-485 should proceed far more smoothly than EB-2.

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