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Thursday, June 30, 2011

ryan reynolds body pics

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  • gcpool
    07-02 02:21 PM
    I dont think will give a true picture. There are a lot of people who dont care about tracking once they apply.

    who are these 60k cases? i cant see it on or anywhere. these will some reflection of this..correct?

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  • ras
    11-24 07:41 PM
    Does any one know how a company from a foreign country(India) can open a bank account in USA.

    There is a possibility to register as a company in US and then apply for business account. But being still on H1 dont feel comfortable to register a company in US.

    Are there any other ways a company in foreign country can open an account in USA to do the business at least to get the payments from the US customers.

    Are there any suggestions to specific banks like wells fargo or so that would help in the process?

    How about credit unions like DCU? Do they offer such provisions?

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated..

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  • neoklaus
    01-29 06:47 PM
    The only document that I know that suit the name " Unemployment Wage Report" is IRS Form 940-Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax
    The probable reason of asking-to verify, that Company is sound, paying salary, wages, then taxes, including unemployment tax.

    The company's Tax Return also shows how's company doing financially,economically, if it able to pay their employees salaries and what business this company stated as her primary.

    Therefore, I think, that asking for these docs seams as reasonable, keeping in mind that consulates and embassies belong to different department than DHS and USCIS.

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  • dvp
    07-24 06:38 PM
    Hi All,

    My Parents are planning to come to US sometime in th month of Aug 08, and would return back to India in Nov 08. If they want to come back in Jan 09 will that be a problem. What is the time gap that is required for a visitor to re-enter US.



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  • Rune
    July 27th, 2005, 08:41 AM
    The fence is very good, but the trees in the middle kills the composition as far as I can tell.

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  • wandmaker
    11-07 11:12 AM
    AP: You send photos for AP along with supporting documents
    EAD: You will get a FP notice, you will be pictured at ASC for your EAD.

    Hope this helps.

    I have efiled my 765/131 i have some questions :

    1. some ppl have mentioned NOT to send Photos is this true ? Doesnt AP or EAD require pics ?


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  • abhicyber
    10-22 10:30 PM

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  • dpp
    06-21 08:28 PM
    In G-325, there is one column for "Applicant's residence last five years".

    For me, I have not submitted my current address by filing AR-11 form. This G-325 is asking my present address plus last addresses. So what should I do? Do I need to send them AR-11 form too?

    You are thinking too much. Just give them past addresses. Do not make it complicate. They are just asking for record purposes. They may verify with credit bureaus if they want to investigate further.


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  • nk2
    07-21 04:22 PM

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  • sandeepg
    07-11 03:15 AM
    $105,000 salary for 5 years exp with J2EE/Java sounds rights to me. People with 2/3 year experience are making around 80-85k.


    If you get lots of stock options :) or other benefits like RSU's, faster prmotions etc. your basic pay might be lower. So you can ask the attorney to consider the total value of the pay package. You can get this from your HR person


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  • SeanDell
    07-10 09:58 AM
    life time free renewal :)

    Hi ameryki....Have you renewed your AP under this new fee structure?


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  • vix95
    01-16 01:26 PM
    Hi ,Could someone please tell me FOR SURE that

    1. A transit visa is required at paris when travelling from London to Zurich via train and changing the train at Paris.
    2. Does my family need any additonal visa (other than transit visa if required), as I am on UK work permit.



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  • mdkris
    03-31 11:18 AM

    My H1B got expired in Sep 2010, ( applied for transfer before expiry), got RFE and finally approval last week, but 797 form has the validity from current date(approved date) instead of requested date in Sep 2010. So now is the period from sep 2010 to 797 approved date is considered as out of status or how it is? I have paystubs during this time and on job all the time. Any implications while going for h1b stamping in India and or at port of entry and in future GC.

    Any inputs are apprciated. Thanks!

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  • gcdreamer05
    02-03 05:01 PM
    or if you know some website which has reviews of companies plz let me know that site...


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  • JunRN
    11-01 12:36 PM
    2 LUDs after FP is normal, although others may get just one and few got three.

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  • a1b2c3
    12-31 02:31 PM
    gc gives me flexibility and I intend to use it to further my career goals rather than keep whining about the bad economy.


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  • mnkaushik
    10-27 12:44 PM
    My wife'e H1B expires on Feb 2007 and she still has not applied for H1B renewal as she was on maternity leave. She will do so in first week of November. It looks like H1B extension process takes more than 3 months. Virginia is one of the states which just gives ur Driver license till ur H1B validity. So her license is valid till feb 2007. Would like to know if she can get her license renewed in Feb 2007 with a H1b receipt number or should she do Premium processing of her H1B. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • problem2010
    01-06 12:18 PM

    I came to the US on H4 and then applied for H1-B. My H4 visa expired. My H1-B was approved but I was not staffed and hence not paid for the past one year and as a result I do not have pay stubs. I do not have the H1-B stamping on my passport. Now I want to apply for H4 from my home country based on my husband's H1-B.

    My question is when I fill in the DS156 form what should I fill in for the following parts

    1. #20 and #21 - Name and address of you current employer and Present Occupation
    (Would I have to give details about the employer who filed my H1-B even though I do not have H1-B stamp on my passport)

    2. #30 Have you ever been issued a US Visa - Yes/No (I do not have the H1-B stamp, I only have the previous H4 stamp)

    When , Where, What Type of Visa (Would I have to mention about my H1 or H4?)

    Please can anyone help me with these questions


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  • SandeR2
    03-10 11:50 AM
    this one has my vote x 100! Pixels ftw!

    09-03 09:26 AM
    Take a look at the Instructions PDF - it answers all your questions, including those about filing fees, documents, and where to file:
    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=b11747a55773d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCR D


    Can someone post the answers for the below questions:

    - List of documents to be sent for AP Paper based Renewal
    - I live in VA, to which service center should i send the documents?
    - My AP expires on 01/07/2009. How early can i apply for the renewal?
    - Should i answer the QUESTION 4 from I-131 document?
    Have you ever before been issued a reentry permit or refugee travel?

    Thanks in advacne.

    March 5th, 2005, 09:39 PM
    I'll throw in my very non-expert opinion here, having shot just a few weddings basically in your position.
    The dress in the first shot is blown out. I might have angled the vertical dimension a bit lower to capture the full length portraits and avoid so much "dead space" at the top.
    The composition on the second one is ok, but the eyes are rolling all over the room (bad grammar intentional). Since I've never shot in a paid position where I had the authority to exclude other photography during the group shots (not that I would even then), I generally defer first to the "guest" photographers, telling everyone to take their turn one at a time, and to speak up before the photo to get the subjects looking at them. Then I take over the attention and get everyone to look at me for however many shots I need to take of that pose. BTW, it's always good to take a few shots of each pose, because you're almost guaranteed to have closed eyes in different shots. I'm sure the pros will be in shortly to fill us both in on a better way to do this (I'd appreciate that, too). :)
    The fill flash was done excellently, but the background is very contrasty and thus distracting.
    This is just MHO, and probably doesn't amount to much. Also, please don't feel bad - I've made most of these mistakes myself (and managed to pull off some others that you didn't think of). :o ;)

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