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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

rick ross chain

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  • rick ross chain of

  • kirupa
    06-22 03:11 AM
    wiifanatic - the image has to be at least 800x600 in dimensions :)

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  • REEF�
    05-30 03:58 PM
    Because the number 28 is f***ing useless.


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  • specific MC — Rick Ross.

  • i99
    10-15 04:23 PM

    Our checks were cashed today (both for me and my husband). Our application (I 140/I485 conc.) was July 2nd @NSC received by R Williams. They were cashed in Texas. We did not even get the receipt notices yet. Thus, the wait sounds longer for us.

    hi i99,
    i remember seeing ur threads for r.mickels or williams...if u got ur receipts and are on the the next waiting level of FP notice - welcome....and it looks like its going to be a long one.

    RN - Recd Aug 28th
    EAD & AP - Recd Sept 4th
    FP - Still Waiting

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  • purplehazea
    05-08 01:59 PM
    How can you change jobs if you have not filed for I485 and it has not been pending for >6months?
    If you change jobs you will have to start green card process again.
    If you stay with your current company, and if PD becomes current in summer, they can file for 1485 and then once your i485 is pending for >6 months you can try to change jobs using AC21.

    Gurus step in and correct me if I am wrong.

    All reliance on my opinion is at your own risk.

    Good luck.


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  • Iced-out-rick-ross

  • jai_immigration
    08-26 11:34 AM
    The link does not work, please repost the correct link.

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  • wearing Rick+ross+chain

  • ddelgado
    04-25 12:48 PM
    I am from Memphis too


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  • about rick ross Rick

  • imconfused
    09-09 10:01 PM
    Hi all,

    I am getting a new job offer and i applied my GC this July just like most of us here. Is it possible to accept the offer and transfer the H1B visa, then try and negotiate to start later as soon as 180 days are completed?

    What happens if i transfer my H1 now ... less than 180 days..and do not start with the new company, will my 485 still be processed? Lets say the H1 is transferred, but i plan not to use that H1 and stick to the same company where my H1 is, will that still be ok?

    I am confused, its a good offer, and i dont know what to do. pls help..

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  • rajeshalex
    07-22 08:01 AM
    Hi All,

    For the adjusment of status to that of a lawful permanent resident
    in the office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service center, which one I should select ?. I live in virginina. Is it the one at Vermon?

    Is there a link to determine which office to select?
    This is one of the questions in ETA-750 B

    Thank You



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  • Wearing a rick ross went

  • roseball
    01-07 02:15 PM
    My friend with july-07 filer (I-140 approved in Jan-07) lost H1 in Mar-08 and work on EAD and his company move to new address in May-09. USCIS site visit on Aug-09 to old address for H1-b (one year ext) for his co-worker. His co-worker got letter form USCIS to submit documents in Dec-09 for existance of the Company. Company inform everyone in Nov-09 that it is going out of business and shutting down operation in Dec-09.

    What are the options my friend and his co-worker with (LC/I-140 approved form another company) have??

    Your friend and his co-worker has to find another job in same/similar field as soon as possible and file AC21 with the new employer.

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  • GC_holder_tos
    08-15 04:13 PM
    My parents got their second Re-entry Permit approved (applied through Application I-131) in first week of Jan 2008. This rentry permit is valid for 2 years (i.e. till Jan 2010). They had applied for the second Re-entry Permit on 16th Feb 2007. And after applying it they left 19th Feb 2007.

    They are planning to return to US in Jan 2010 before the Re-entry Permit expiration. I read on this and other forums that with Re-entry Permit a US resident can live outside for more than 1 year and less than 2 years.

    In my parent's case, when they will return back to US in Jan 2010, they will already have spend 3 years outside US.

    I was concerned that the 2 year stay limit will be counted from the day my parents left US or the day when the Re-entry Permit got approved?

    Secondly, Is there any limit on number of times a Re-Entry Permit can be applied?


    rick ross chain. The Rapper: Rick Ross
  • The Rapper: Rick Ross

  • roseball
    08-04 04:11 PM

    I am in the process of moving between jobs. The old job is a teaching job in a university and the new one is a research position in a non-profit think tank. So there is no H1B quota issue for both jobs.

    The H1B for the old job won't expire unit next year. I have received the H1B for the new job. The start date for the new H1B is Sept. 1st.

    My question is: Can I start my new job before Sept. 1st? I understand that for H1B transfer, one can start the new job once the application receipt from USCIS is received. But in my case, I have already got the new H1B and the start date on that is Sept 1st.

    Thanks for your help.


    No, you cannot work for the new employer till Sep 1st as it seems the H1 was filed with a requested start date of Sep 1st and you already got the approval notice.

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  • rexjamla
    07-10 01:23 PM
    I send all the info including Fedex receipt to AILF for including me as plaintiff
    last week. My 485 application received by NSC on July 2 around 10 am.
    My attorney havent received it back as rejected yet.



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  • Krilnon
    05-07 12:27 PM
    Why does a Google image search for Krilnon turn up the hangover :hangover: smiley?

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  • Pagal
    01-24 05:13 AM

    In general, AP is not related to employment (it is a conditional admittance aka parole into US boundaries till the conditions are resolved), so the PoE CBP should not ask about employment. However, as your husband has been away for a long time, the CBP officer may be curious to know why and what is the purpose of entering US after such a time lag.

    In such a scenario, your husband should have a strong reasoning as to why he is entering US. Some of such reasons are a) employment b) having immediate family in US or c) owning house/property that needs visitation.

    If your husband has one such reason, it may be helpful to gain entry into US, but pl do consult your lawyer...good luck


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  • chris
    09-30 03:45 AM
    Hi Sharbutt,
    I would need to see your png to see where your going wrong, but you could try using a menu builder like the ones found on this site http://www.likno.com/allwebmenusinfo.html if you go to "allwebmenus" and check out the examples you should see one that meets your needs:bandit:

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  • sjhugoose
    February 12th, 2004, 11:11 AM
    Minolta is about to enter the fray with a new DSLR. Get the story here (http://www.dphoto.us/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=171&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0).

    Congrats all Minolta users, I know you've been waiting for this for a long time!

    I hope this is a winner, I really liked Minolta cause they ALWAYs gave the most camera at the best price. And their film cameras always screamed of class!

    Lets hope this camera can live up to my expectations, I just don't know how that image stabilization will work.



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  • kirupa
    05-27 03:27 PM
    I have added it up! :)

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  • syendu1
    06-21 10:26 AM
    According to my lawyer, it is not needed!!

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  • TomPlate
    03-02 09:46 PM
    You can use AC21 because, 180 days is completed and you have approved 140 from employer A.

    The amendment is to continue your green card process in employer B.

    Note : employer A is old company.
    employer B is new company.

    I hope some of the senior people in this group can give you more correct information. Consider this information as my analysis, because I am also in the same boat.


    Blog Feeds
    03-08 01:00 PM
    Great tip from AILA for our H1B (http://www.h1b.biz/lawyer-attorney-1137085.html) filers trying to beat the rush. Because you cannot submit an LCA earlier than six months prior to the beginning date of the period of intended employment (20 CFR � 655.730(b)), if you want your LCA in hand before April 1, then set your employment start date on the LCA for a date in September, and set the expiration date for a date no more than three years hence. File the I-129 with a start date of October 1, but with an expiration date that coincides with the expiration date of the LCA. You will lose a couple of days on the back end of the petition by doing this, but you will get the LCA filed and back before April 1.


    LCA start date: 9/1/10

    LCA end date: 8/31/13

    Form I-129 start date: 10/1/10

    Form I-129 end date: 8/31/13

    Due to delays in receiving approved LCAs, take the proper precautions and file your LCA early to avoid any undue delays.

    Although under certain circumstances USCIS has agreed to accept H-1B petitions for processing that include LCAs that have not been certified, attorneys should understand that if the LCA submitted with the H-1B petition is eventually denied, the H-1B (http://www.h1b.biz/lawyer-attorney-1137085.html) will be denied, even if a subsequent certified LCA is submitted. This is even true where the denial is due to DOL error in not being able to verify a petitioner's FEIN. However, USCIS has also indicated that if the sole reason for failing to apply for an Extension of Status or Change of Status is due to DOL delay in the certification process, USCIS may look at the totality of the circumstances in determining whether to accept the late filing.

    Bottom line is that getting an approved LCA before April 1, 2010 is crucial. Pay attention to detail and get the files ready in advance is a must.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2010/03/h1b_visa_lawyer_getting_the_lc.html)

    04-13 12:47 PM
    Last year I sent both the ITIN form and 1040 to the ITIN address. Once the ITIN is processed, they will update your 1040 with the ITIN number and forward it to the respective department for processing. I got my refund back after 8 weeks. Since I am in Texas I didnt have to file for state taxes..So not sure about the state tax filing part....

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