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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

random funny questions

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  • BMP
    01-13 07:04 PM
    Send him a letter by certified mail and then dump the bloodsucker ! Noncompete agreements are very dubious in the first place so I doublt the employer would try to reclaim the loss.
    Also you can get a free initial consultation from a licensed lawyer, there are plenty of options here. At most he would charge you something around $200

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  • eb3India
    12-07 07:56 AM
    Did we ever think about forming a team with other like minded people under one banner? I think we will be able to effect something if all Pro CIR people join hands together and pool our resources. Any suggestions??

    Good idea! here is why it won't work

    AILA sees 11 milllion clients at their door step, so they support more of CIR which mostly favours illegals

    Compete America is more towards corporate interest, they will be happy if they get more H1Bs, they do support more EB green cards, but I don't think itz their top agenda

    IV is formed by guys who are really victims, so we know whatz in our best intrest, none of other groups are not victims they just want to take advantage of current situation

    never the less their policy do align with ours , so I am sure IV core members are in touch with these organization and work them more closly

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  • mmanurker
    09-24 07:20 PM

    I would like to know that can I apply for EAD extension for me and my wife since my I-140 application was denined last year. We have already appeal for decision on I-140 application to AAO office. I am intend to get my wife's EAD extended by year end.

    Thanks for your time reading this thread.

    Is your 485 also denied? Most of the times when ever 140 is denied then the underlying 485 also gets denied and if that is the case then you cannot apply or extend for EAD or AP until your appeal is pending with AAO. I may be wrong so consult an attorney.

    BTW....did you consult the attorney? If yes, what did they tell you?

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  • akhilmahajan
    06-24 11:28 AM
    In my case i am a consultant, and keep on moving like 8-9 months....... dont have any permanent address.............. i am sure a lot of ppl will be in the same position as i am............. so what are you guys doing for the addresses on the 485/EAD/AP..........


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  • mnq1979
    08-31 12:58 PM
    is there any one who got the interview notice, even after replying to RFE.
    My RFE was to prove my legal status and my wife was to provide the BC.

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  • Jaime
    09-05 12:52 AM
    i know you are coming - that's why i was reminding you :D

    by updating the profile you will get lobby day announcements etc

    btw i sent you a pm....

    I sent you an pm back!


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  • unsanjana
    10-05 05:17 PM
    Please provide your answers. It is very urgent...

    I would really appreciate your answer.

    I have two question regarding my h4 visa appointment. My husband has Pay stubs (June to Aug)from Company A.And his company B pay stub is from Sep 10th,2007 to till date. When he was switching from Company A to company B, he got 15 days gap. He didn't has pay stub for those number days.

    Is Chennai consulate particular about those dates and ask for pay stub in between those dates. Please advice me.

    2) My husband lawyer forget to apply my H4 extension. Unknowingly I over stayed in US for one and half month. We talked with lawyer. she told that she applied for H4 extension before, but US CIS over looked that file. So she filled again. That H4 approval is still pending. In the safe side I left US. I tried to left US immediately, but I wasn't able to get flight ticket.

    By Showing that receipt in Chennai consulate, Could I get H4 visa stamping.


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  • dgs
    09-07 08:01 PM
    I don't intend to get anyone's hopes high as I am not sure if this page on the USCIS website is an updated one or is an older one, but it says PP is available for 129 & 140.

    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=011a59f5eca9e010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=a9243529fdb7e010VgnVCM1000000ecd190a RCRD

    Anyone knows about this?


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  • Pagal
    12-10 01:59 PM

    Contact a good attorney asap. Your details would most probably raise anyone's eyebrows at USCIS/DOS/ICE. Also, a lot depends on exact dates when you entered/left US and when your different applications were rcvd by respective govt egencies as these details will help you to establish that you are not in violation of any US laws. Good luck...

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  • dkann
    10-22 01:12 PM
    Thanks, Greenways. After seeing your post I called my attorney right away. The office assistant informed me that my 140 has been approved on August 27th 2008 and sent me a copy of the approval notice.:):):):):):):)

    My dirty employer has been hiding this fact from me for the past two months. I have been waiting all these days, hoping that my I140 will be approved one day, checking case status almost daily etc. I am really really mad now. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad::mad::mad:

    CRIS still shows that my case status as application received and pending, although there was a soft LUD on august 27th on my 140 application, which is the approval date of my 140. I failed to understand the meaning of the soft LUD at that time, but now I know. So, my dear friends, do not rely on CRIS for updates. Please check with your employer/attorney to get the latest status.


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  • Green_Always
    09-09 10:51 PM

    You have come so far, and waited it will Happen soon, have faith in God.

    I understand the pain and difficulties we come across, we just need to have faith and hope for good.

    my 2 paise.

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  • blacklizard
    06-01 01:38 PM
    Oh parameterised constructor its not exactly function overloading its simply is parameterised constructor through which static polymorphism is implemented.


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  • tsiger
    04-14 07:59 AM
    well.. just imagine a stamp like that on a similar envelope.. even the postman would go like "hm.. which is the letter and which is the stamp?.. oh whatever.. Sir! new stamp waiting!" =D

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  • RandyK
    11-08 10:28 AM


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  • rv485
    08-27 03:14 PM
    I filed I-485 for me and my wife in Aug'07. I have plan to join client and would like to change the lawyer since he is a company lawyer or represent myself for my wife and my I485. If I need to self represent what are the steps? Do I have to file G28 by selecting the option other for my and send covering letter? Will it trigger any RFE? Please advice me.

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  • gcdreamer05
    07-27 02:58 PM
    I have exactly the same question.

    If you look at VFS appointment scheduling if it is more than 1 year that your 797 was renewed and if you did not go for stamping they put you under different class of renewal.

    You can check this by going to VFS appointment site and there they ask the question are you applying for the same class of visa that got expired 1 yr ago or something like that...

    Can anyone shed some light on this. Since i am on the same boat like the person who asked this question.


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  • ncube2
    12-08 12:25 PM
    wht is the procedure for duplicate EAD application ? Can someone explain am in the same boat i haven't recieved mine but my spouse got her's.
    Do i have to re-apply like a renewal again. Any help is appreciated.


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  • jamesingham
    08-23 07:53 PM
    I know we cannot Assistantship on H4, but do you know for sure we cannot accept scholarship also ?

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  • gcformeornot
    09-24 07:17 PM

    05-30 02:51 PM
    Hi everyone

    Can you please help with these questions

    1) My GC was sponsored by company A. 240 days after my 485 was filed [I] moved to company B. Filed AC21 and using EAD. I am travelling on vacation using AP. At POE if I am asked who is sponsoring my GC, would my answer still be company A?/other

    2) Do I need to carry AC21 docs? or will the employment letter from Company B suffice?

    Please advise.


    04-26 07:37 AM
    Some officers add 10 days to I797s date some do not. It is not an error, you are good.

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