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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • dixie
    03-13 11:44 PM
    There are two sides to the issue : strengthening the domestic workforce through education, research investment etc and then there is skilled immigration. The first half no doubt enjoys unanimous support ... however, when it comes to promoting skilled immigration, it is a pretty safe bet that the anti-immigrant lobby is going to play hard ball (already evident from the SF gate article). Overcoming this lobby is the whole challenge ..

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  • yabadaba
    10-26 09:51 AM
    She could join from the day when the papers for transfer was mailed, this is as per AC21 law. She does not need to wait to receive the receipt from USCIS.

    yea its not a premium processing case. we r just trying to play it safe by waiting for the receipt. the new employer is not giving her grief or anything about joining quickly. the paralegal said that they are experiencing delays at uscis. i guess this whole bi-specialization thing is gona end up being another orginizational fiasco.

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  • jaggu bhai
    10-13 11:30 AM
    Hi folks

    We have applied for COS for my wife from H4 - F1, and yesterday we got approval.
    Now the question is,
    I AM AWARE THAT SHE HAS TO GET STAMPED IF SHE TRAVELS TO INDIA, BUT what if she travels to India, when on OPT status????

    Any seniors had experienced the same situation?????????

    Pl advice


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  • neoklaus
    01-29 06:47 PM
    The only document that I know that suit the name " Unemployment Wage Report" is IRS Form 940-Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax
    The probable reason of asking-to verify, that Company is sound, paying salary, wages, then taxes, including unemployment tax.

    The company's Tax Return also shows how's company doing financially,economically, if it able to pay their employees salaries and what business this company stated as her primary.

    Therefore, I think, that asking for these docs seams as reasonable, keeping in mind that consulates and embassies belong to different department than DHS and USCIS.


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  • imhere
    06-11 12:28 PM

    I am not sure that you can help me in this or not, but I see you are pretty aware of the program I wants to ask about �MAVNI.�.

    � I am on H1B (exp- 2011) Wife/Son h4(Exp-2011)
    � Joining MAVNI Sep 2009.
    � F1 to H1 (Stamping Pending yet)

    I have couple simple questions if you can help me to give answer.

    1.As I will be in army training and they will adjust my status, but what will happen to my wife/son if they will be USA and their H4 want work as I want be no more on H1. And what will be their status during this time.
    2.What if I send them back to my origin country and after coming back from training/naturalization how much time you see it may take? Do you see any difficulty reentering them? What will be their status, once they reenter?

    About my background, none of us has any single criminal history except couple speeding ticket. :)
    I appreciate if you can through some light in this, which will help me to take faster decision for their accommodation and all.

    Thankful to you.

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  • Suva
    07-16 11:46 AM

    What was done under medical ? Vaccination , TB test , XRAY , ..

    Thanks for your help.. also would you let me know doc's name if I PM you ?


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  • JunRN
    08-19 07:58 PM
    I think TSC is strictly screening all applications so that it will not be burdened by too many cases including incomplete application to be processed. Therefore, in the long run, TSC will be faster in approving or denying cases.

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  • quizzer
    01-02 02:19 PM
    You cant.

    I140 is company's documents and uscis will not talk to you.

    Dont worry..my EB2 at NSC took 11 months for approval.

    Talk to your laywer frequently as they recive the approval notice without the website getting updated.

    Mine online status still shows "case received and pending..." when i got the copy of approval notice from lawyer in Nov.



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  • ratsek
    01-02 12:23 PM
    Thanks for your reply. We filed 485 for our son also.

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  • tomguide
    10-05 04:56 PM

    I need your help on this tricky (at least for me) situation. I am a Software Developer right now and want to chanfe my job to a PM (product manager), but within the same division, same employer. Apparently the job descirption of PM (like new product functional design...) will be different from the one of developer (like new product technical design, coding...).

    Right now, my GC status is: PERMLC got approved Dec/2006. I-140 was filed on Feb/2007 and still pending. I-485/AP/EAD were filed on Aug/2007 and pending.

    My questions are:
    1) I know the AC 21 law, say after Feb 2008(180 days after my 485 filing) and if the 140 gets approved by then too, I can do ANY job change within teh same employer or even switch to another employer, is this true? Or, I still have to stick to the similar job type(SW developer in my case), no matter within a same employer or different one?

    2) Before I can use AC21, say from now to Feb2008, I know I can not switch to another employer. But can I change my job to PM with the same employer. Will this affect my 485/GC case? If so, is there any solution or workaround so that I can change my job "smartly" without affecting 485?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


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  • techno
    07-23 09:53 PM

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  • number30
    03-11 06:21 PM
    I would like to get your opinion on current situation.

    Education: MS(Ind Engg), 5+ yrs exp.

    I have priority date of Oct -2007(applied for labor under EB3). Got approved I-140 in Feb 2008( EB3 category). I got promoted to next level so requested to apply for labor once again in EB2 category in Feb 2009 and got approved labor in Feb 2010.

    Is there a provision to amend labor and include previously approved I-140? Or Do I have to apply I-140 once again? and my priority date would be Feb 2009?


    No labor amendement is possible. You have to go through Labor and I-140 stage again.


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  • snathan
    05-04 03:07 PM
    CuriousWho would you prefer contributing to?
    a. ....I'd pay money to track my case with my data-included.
    b. ImmigrationVoice -- I believe in it and it pays forward.
    c. None...........I don't trust both
    d. Both...........I LOVE both and/or have loads of money.

    Your poll has a flaw....I have selected all the options and voted...:D

    if you have the poll on IV...what you would expect as a result...?

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  • laksmi
    12-14 06:49 PM
    Better to wait until I140 gets approved to use your EAD.


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  • a_paradkar
    07-15 11:55 AM
    I just called USCIS to check the status of my case and the Immigration Officer said it is in EB-1 category. I know my case is EB-2.

    I asked the IO to see if i have send any paperwork to rectify their mistake, but she said USCIS will automatically adjust the category whe it picks up the case for review

    I am confused. Please Advice

    PD: Aug 2005
    EB2 - I
    140 receipt says 203(b)(2)
    140 Approved

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  • INSpector
    07-24 08:44 PM
    We filed 485 on Jul 2nd. So far no receipt yet.:(
    My wife's F1 status is going to expire in Aug. She needs to change her status to H4 now. Will the status change have any negative influence on our 485 application? Do we need to send some amendment regarding the COS?
    Btw, which center she needs to send COS this time?:D :D Thanks a lot.

    In a memo posted by the USCIS (in the press room tab) appears a notice where they say that receipts of july filers will be delivered by August 1st.

    Keep waiting


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  • little_willy
    12-14 02:03 AM
    When submitting AR-11 form online, you will be given an option to update the address on your pending applications, this will update address on your I-485. Once the AR-11 and G-28 forms are submitted, follow up in a couple of weeks by calling customer service to verify that your records has been updated with the correct address and attorney information. Also, if possible try retaining your previous attorney for your case, this is always a safe option.

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  • tdasara
    06-02 10:48 AM
    I had the same problem last year. I gave up..

    I opened Service requests and was told will get a new EAD for 2 years 3 different times and was told to wait for 45 days each time!!!

    Finally it was time to apply for a new EAD and I hope to get one for 2 years this time around!

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  • maxy
    02-24 09:12 AM
    Hi All

    My sister is planning to visit us here this summer. she is scheduled for visa interview next month. (me & my sister who is citizen ... are sponsoring her)

    little caveat, my sister has filed immigration file for her (about 2 years back...it usually takes 10-15 yrs for sibling family visa). just want to know anyone has seen or encountered such case. (in her visitor visa forms we have disclosed all this, meaning immigration file number n all)

    is there any specific question that they may ask....or does it make her in-eligible for visitors visa ?

    appreciate your help

    09-16 02:15 PM
    found this

    245(i) Cases Will not effect EB3 or EB2 Numbers - ImmigrationPortal Forums (http://forums.immigration.com/showthread.php?t=204516)

    Dear Sanju,

    Please read the whole thread. 245(i) very much consume EB3 though they fall under a different category within EB3.

    05-08 08:49 AM
    My H1B visa end date is 30July2013(PED or expiration date in H1B visa stamp) and my I-94 end date is 10-Aug2013.But in I797B the end date is 30July2011. Can you please help me that i need to do my H1B visa extension within 30July2011?....please clarrify that visa validity depends on I94 or Visa end date or I797B end date....thanks

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