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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • h1techSlave
    06-15 11:42 AM
    I think your numbers are correct.
    Did you know that more than 1 million green cards were issued in 2009 and less than 60,000 went to actual high skilled immigrants??

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-27 07:10 AM
    On Thursday, May 14, 2009, Senator Diane Feinstein introduced a bill, nicknamed the “AgJobs Bill,” that seeks to grant amnesty for up to 1.35 million farm workers working in the country illegally, primarily in California. Feinstein and other legislators proposed the AgJobs Bill numerous times over the last decade but were met with fierce opposition. However, supporters of the bill – including the United Farm Workers of America and other worker advocates – are now hoping the legislation will become a legal reality under the Obama administration.

    Generally, the AgJobs Bill would allow foreign farm workers who have been working illegally in the United States for at least two years to earn a path toward becoming legal permanent residents. Workers' family members would also be eligible for legal permanent residency, which could bring the number of legalized farm workers to approximately two million people. The bill would also focus on overhauling a program that aims to recruit foreign workers for seasonal jobs on American farms, where profitable construction jobs have tended to lure workers away.

    For more information on Senator Feinstein and the AgJobs Bill, please visit: http://feinstein.senate.gov/public. For additional information on this news story, please visit: http://www.mercurynews.com/breakingnews/ci_12370678.

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/1lsKxgHuaq4/)

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  • gc_on_demand
    07-16 11:51 AM

    I sent you pm please reply.

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  • arnet
    11-21 01:50 PM
    few days ago, I tried to extend H4 visa for my spouse but I heard through one of the lawyer in the firm that once H4 visa holder used EAD, H4 becames invalid unless you enter again in POE using H4, we cant apply for H4 extension as the current status is AOS. But we are still exploring it.

    I checked in H4 extension form I-539, they ask:
    1. current immigration status?
    2. whether you want to extend current status or change of status?

    But my spouse is working so if we say change status to H4 from AOS then not sure whether she can use immediately EAD to work? I opened a thread regarding this.

    Anybody experienced the same issue as above? Thanks.


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  • imi1224
    05-14 10:23 PM
    Hi IV friends-

    I am preparing to apply for my EAD througth E-file online. I am on H1-B currently and my I-485 was filled under my husband's EB2 application in July 2007. I did apply for EAD at the same time and got approved EAD for a year but never used and it it expired in December 2008. Now My H-1 B cap will reach in March 2011 and want to go on EAD ASAP so I can save the remaining time on H1-B ( advised by my company lawyer.) . My questions -

    Should I apply for reneal of EAD or new EAD?

    How difficulat is it to apply online? Do I need to send coyp of my H1-B etc as supporting deocument?

    Thanks in advance for all the help.



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  • buntee2
    06-17 11:23 AM
    Attorney applied for my H-1b transfer in the first week of June'08 and I have still not heard back. How long does it typically take to receive Receipt Notice?


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  • ramus
    08-20 09:28 AM
    Not sure why you creating same thread again..

    Here is old thread from you..

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  • james_bond_007
    03-25 08:18 PM
    Your case is with TSC or NSC ? . TSC online system has been down for over 2 months now ( no updates after 2/10/09 ).


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  • nixstor
    03-02 07:26 PM
    Looks like already two dick less Basterds visited this (who left -ve rep for me)

    Our intention at IV is not to control any one's speech.

    Dont you have any thing else better to do other than instigating another group of people?

    Is this what the great state of AP and Telugu culture taught you?

    As a fellow Andhrite, I feel ashamed with your choice of words.

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  • virtual55
    02-24 01:34 PM
    Congrats man, but I think it is better to close this thread, before some anti folks make this a big issue.
    Atleast change the Title.

    Congrats man and all the best, if i were you i will just keep quiet and not advertise this, atleast you are safe for next 3 years :D you dont want anyone now digging to bring your case back to limelight to reject it. so just be quiet...


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  • kirupa
    03-22 05:10 PM

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  • allen_1974
    01-23 01:34 AM

    My passport will be expiring in next 6 months. I do have an appt pending with US embassy Bombay. I have some queries, if someone can please guide me:

    1. What happens to old passport. I took Appt with old passport number?

    2. Can I keep my old passport?

    3. Is it OK to go for new renewed passport? Or will it impact the H1B stamping and interview process?

    Pls suggest.



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  • thesparky007
    04-23 09:28 AM
    the first one is great and the rest are good

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  • skakodker
    02-14 07:01 PM
    Thank you.

    Based on your response, my understanding is that so long as I am with my current employer, travel on H1 /H4 is fine. When she gets back, I can consider using my EAD to switch jobs.

    You mentioned "if you or your wife don't want to use EAD in the near future..." - to your knowledge, will there be a problem if I use my EAD during her trip to India?

    Thanks - Sunil


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  • marlon2006
    06-21 09:39 AM
    Hearings will go on for a while. Since it is already known that the public oppose amnesty, personally I will definitely forget CIR. It may return again next year, but remember that by then the Senate may have voted out a number of incumbents that voted pro CIR.

    I think this will take patience. If one can wait and watch this unfold for the next 2-5 years without going crazy, then you may watch the passage of CIR during your lifetime.

    out of deference to the President, the republicans are not coming out publicly in opposition to it, but in private they are acknowledging anonymously that the bill is dead

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  • kothari_rupesh
    07-07 01:03 AM
    ^^^^^BUMP^^^^^ Please Anybody, time line with recent AP Approvals at NSC ?


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-09 01:05 PM
    You need to file a COS from H-4 to H-1B. You cannot work until the H-1B is approved, because you are not in H-1B status now and therefore cannot use H-1B portability rules. You will not be subject to the cap since you have held H-1B status withing the past 6 years, and presumably not used a full 6 years.

    Whether your last employer or a new employer files for a new H-1B status for you, it is still a new filing and any prior filings are not relevant, except to show that you are not subject to the cap.

    By the way - this might get more comments if posted in the Nonimmigrant Visa section of the forum.

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  • kiran8376
    09-08 10:01 AM
    Hi All,
    My Employer applied for Labor on Aug 11th 2010 and yesterday we got the audit notice saying :

    The application indicates the foreign worker is required to live on employer's premises although the application does not indicate the position is for a Live-in domestic. Please provide a detailed explanation indicating the reason the foreign worker must reside with the employer.

    In ETA-9089 for Section H-17 question we have checked "Yes" but i guess it should be No.
    We miss understood the question and thought it was asking about working at location and maked it yes.

    my question is :
    1) Can we make correction and send while replying to Audit (RFE)?

    Please help on this.

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  • pointlesswait
    02-03 05:07 PM
    have u checked linkedin?
    for current/former employees from that firm??

    or if you know some website which has reviews of companies plz let me know that site...

    12-10 06:27 PM
    This is strange and I don't know if anyone has come across this situation. My I-140 is under appeal process from last 5 months and today I got this update on my I-485 that "my case has been sent to ADMIN APPEALS OFFICE location for processing ". There is no update in I-140 or I-290B forms date online. Does anyone come across same situation then please share with us. :confused:


    11-22 03:37 PM
    I think
    - For Perm and subsequently I-140, you can only specify employers that are directly relevant to the number of years of experience claimed in labor. The details of the petitioning employer are most relevant and all your past employments should add up to the experience required
    - However, for I-485, which is your application, you have to specify all the employments that you filed taxes for and from whom you received your paystubs (primary/secondary).

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