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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

jerry seinfeld house hamptons

    images Jerry Seinfeld#39;s Hampton jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry+seinfeld+house+in+the+hamptons House in apr alexander character
  • Jerry+seinfeld+house+in+the+hamptons House in apr alexander character

  • ameryki
    02-02 09:39 PM
    Has anyone here gone through the new visa form process and can share experience?

    wallpaper Jerry+seinfeld+house+in+the+hamptons House in apr alexander character jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry Seinfeld - East Hampton,
  • Jerry Seinfeld - East Hampton,

  • amitk81
    09-05 06:37 AM
    it is $300 (150 for you and 150 for your wife)

    I paid the same in Mumbai last week.

    jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld
  • Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld

  • gccovet
    06-06 10:43 AM
    I just got my H1B visa and I am working. My wife is currently on F-1/OPT. We are both in the USA. Could you please advise me what is the required documents/steps to apply for her for H4 visa? are there any inf on the web? can I do that myself?
    Thank you,

    Like PMAT mentioned, I-539 is to be used, and you can do it by yourself, if you'd like. Download the latest form from http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/ (immigration forms).

    You will need, I-129, photocopy of your passport, your I-94 (current), Photocopy of Marriage certificate.


    2011 Jerry Seinfeld - East Hampton, jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld#39;s
  • Comedian Jerry Seinfeld#39;s

  • chanduv23
    03-06 03:57 PM
    He has to testify tp House and not senate


    jerry seinfeld house hamptons. belong to Jerry Seinfeld,
  • belong to Jerry Seinfeld,

  • gc_chahiye
    11-28 01:09 AM
    :mad:I have another query and thats is i have a a far related cousin and her husband is on l1 visa . now my query is what visa is she on and what visa is her daughter on who was born here few months bak . also how shud she apply for a passport for this kid . is this kid an american citizen and also how to go about passport for the kid and also is it required to apply for visa for the kid to travel to India . Another serious issue she is been illtreated by her husband and how should she report this matter to the local police here .

    * She is on L2.

    * The kid is an American citizen. you can get a passport done at your local post office. Kid needs either visa, or PIO card to travel to india.

    * Ask her to call her local police station (or even 911) and report this to the police (unless he has been physically abusive, she can probably tell him the next time he misbehaves she'll go to the police. Explain that a police record could mean lots of problems for him, going all teh way from GC, to getting a future job etc. If he does not shape up or has been physically abusive, then have her contact the police.)

    jerry seinfeld house hamptons. So I#39;m at my house in the
  • So I#39;m at my house in the

  • buddyinsd
    09-20 02:06 AM
    The subject says EB3-I (INDIA) and EB3 ROWs are posting


    jerry seinfeld house hamptons. at Jerry Seinfeld#39;s house
  • at Jerry Seinfeld#39;s house

    12-15 02:47 PM
    If she is currently on F-1 and if she wants to maintain F-1 when she comes back she will need to go to the embassy and get her F-1 visa. If she enters U.S on old unexpired H4-Visa her F-1 visa becomes invalidated and she won't qualify for OPT/CPT etc.

    2010 Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry Seinfeld#39;s Hampton
  • Jerry Seinfeld#39;s Hampton

  • SandeR2
    03-10 11:50 AM
    this one has my vote x 100! Pixels ftw!


    jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Hamptons scene last summer
  • Hamptons scene last summer

  • veni001
    12-23 03:11 PM
    Why so quiet today?

    Where is the holiday spirit?

    Not even any joke?

    Holiday "spirit" is in the bottle and that is what every one is enjoying during this holiday season:D

    hair Comedian Jerry Seinfeld#39;s jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry Seinfeld house in East
  • Jerry Seinfeld house in East

  • NikNikon
    August 26th, 2004, 09:42 AM
    I've been noticing for some time now no matter what I have my white balance set on that every time I upload my pictures to my gallery it always reads "cloudy" in my EXIF data. Has anyone else noticed this type of discrepancy with thier photos?


    jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld
  • Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld

  • Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:30 AM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    http://www.immigrationvisaattorneyblog.com/Magnify%20Glass.jpgIn our blog of yesterday (http://www.immigrationvisaattorneyblog.com/2010/04/border-guards-will-finally-use.html), 1 April 2010, we mentioned the new screening procedures at US ports of entry (POE). Fong & Chun's clients travel a great deal, passing through Los Angeles and other immigration ports of entry. As lawyers to so many travelers, we try to provide accurate information about border issues. We have learned a little more about the new screening protocol.

    In the past, all citizens of certain countries believed to be supporters of terrorism would all be scrutinized indiscriminately. Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Sudan are widely believed to have been on this list of soi-disant unfriendly countries. Citizens of other countries -- perceived as "friendly" to the USA -- would be subject to less scrutiny.

    The new POE screening procedures use intelligence-based threat assessments. This information will be applied to all persons arriving at a POE, including Americans. If border guards have intelligence that -- let's pretend for a moment -- a university-age male student from Africa might be trying to engage in dangerous activity, then the border guards would be on the lookout for university-age male students from Africa. In contrast, university-age male students from, say, Malaysia, M�xico, Moldova, Monaco, or Myanmar would not be subject to the same scrutiny.

    This new, intelligence-based approach makes the most of the information provided by US intelligence sources without painting everyone with an indiscriminately broad brush. --jcf

    More... (http://www.immigrationvisaattorneyblog.com/2010/04/all-travelers-subject-to-revie.html)

    hot belong to Jerry Seinfeld, jerry seinfeld house hamptons. July 28, 2010 – Jerry Seinfeld
  • July 28, 2010 – Jerry Seinfeld

  • smsthss
    02-18 10:39 PM
    Has the LC/PERM been approved based on EB2 is the question? IF yes, you should also try for it and ask your employer.

    The new eb2 perm has been applied and pending.


    house Jerry Seinfeld#39;s Hampton jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Since he sold his East Hampton
  • Since he sold his East Hampton

  • sarath99
    01-14 11:33 AM
    My wife came to USA in 2002 on H4.She changed from H4 to H1 in 2004 Nov.Since then she worked continuously till now (Jan 2009).Now she's planning to take a break and change back to H4.If she wants to work again sometime in future maybe after a couple of years will she come under quota?Does she have to apply for a new H1 or can she work the remaining 2 yrs left on her H1?We missed the bus and could not apply for 485 in July.

    Thanks to any suggestions.

    tattoo So I#39;m at my house in the jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry Seinfeld#39;s Hamptons
  • Jerry Seinfeld#39;s Hamptons

  • sunny1000
    09-06 10:13 PM
    I have been approved for a new H1 visa for 2 years - Consulate Case. My previous visa extension was denied & so applied for a new one with a different company in a different state. I m trying to book an appointment online for the interview in which I have to fill up DS 156 form. There is one question # 24, where it is asking me write the address where I will stay. At present, I have not decided on address as I don't know stamping would be approved or not. So what do I need to write there. I presently stay in a different stay where I own a house.

    Lawyers & experienced people pls. help out as soon as possible... I am running out of time...

    Thanx In advance

    The address should be the one which you are currently staying (on file with USCIS when you filed for GC or notified using AR-11).


    pictures at Jerry Seinfeld#39;s house jerry seinfeld house hamptons. This is Jerry Seinfeld#39;s East
  • This is Jerry Seinfeld#39;s East

  • drirshad
    10-26 06:45 PM

    10/23/2007: Senate Passed Legislation to Recapture 61,000 Unused Numbers for Allied Healthcare Workers

    * In the legal immigration, the allied healthcare community has strongest lobbying groups in the nation. These groups were able to muscle passage of a legislative bill in the Senate yesterday recapturing 61,000 unused EB-3 foreign worker visa numbers for them. This bill was passed as part of the Labor-HHS 2008 appropriation bill. Reportedly, this bill faces two roadblocks ahead to make it into a final legislation. One is the White House that has been threatening to veto the Labor-HHS bill in toto because of the amount of spending. Second is the House that has to agree to the Senate version in the conference committee. However, the second roadblock does not seem to pose any serious threat as demonstrated by the move of some of Democrats in the House. Please stay tuned.

    dresses July 28, 2010 – Jerry Seinfeld jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry Seinfeld
  • Jerry Seinfeld

  • ameryki
    04-16 07:59 PM
    I am planning to use AC21 to change employers. I signed G28 to allow the attorney for my current employer to represent me before USCIS. Since I signed G28, is it possible for my current employer to withdraw my I-485 application?

    Please advise on this...

    If I am not mistaken your 485 cannot be withdrawn by your employer after 180 days but they can withdraw your 140 which should not matter after 180 days. I am sure the pro's here will be able to confirm this.


    makeup Hamptons scene last summer jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry Seinfeld#39;s Hampton
  • Jerry Seinfeld#39;s Hampton

  • CagedApe
    06-23 03:24 AM
    That layout didn't take long to make at all. I didn't add any detail yet. It's a work in progress :)

    BUT, I am a beginner and am just trying to learn photoshop and do something useful at the same time.

    girlfriend Jerry Seinfeld#39;s Hamptons jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Jerry: Gwyn, fancy meeting you
  • Jerry: Gwyn, fancy meeting you

  • alterego
    08-15 11:47 PM
    I found this interesting. Salaries for managers are becoming quite competitive in India apparently.
    Given that certain areas are especially hot in India compared to the rest of the economy and that gives you a relatively strong position and quality of life. It seems the gap between US and India is closing for people in certain fields faster than it is closing for the average joe.........for whom it will take generations at best. Perhaps we need to see that perspective.


    hairstyles Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld jerry seinfeld house hamptons. Up At Jerry Seinfeld#39;s
  • Up At Jerry Seinfeld#39;s

  • indianabacklog
    09-11 02:26 PM

    Just curious to know whether anybody received the physical card with out a CPO email or status. Did anybody with just "Welcome" email and status receive cards yet?

    Just checking whether NO CPO status/ email = no card.

    I received the "Welcome" email, status and the physical letter on Tuesday but no card yet. Any body in the same boat? (I understand that it takes about 1-3 weeks but many have received cards with in a week)

    The reason I am asking is my I9 expires month end and HR is on my back for the updated doc. They would rather see a card than a letter which has no expiration date :)

    Stop worrying the CPO email is not essential. I am living proof. Never received that particular email but did get welcome notice and green cards. Be careful opening your mail. The cards come in a VERY generic white window envelope and could easily be discarded as junk mail so open every envelope you get for now.

    03-05 08:30 AM
    03/03/2008: USCIS Pending Application Cases Per Type at January 31, 2008

    * I-140: 150,292
    * I-485: 813,238
    * I-765 EAD: 165,596
    * I-130 Family Petition: 1,331,114
    * I-90 Green Card Renewal: 169,350
    [Footnote: Initial Receipts data only reflects the number of applications that USCIS was able to fee receipt and/or data enter into a case processing system. Applications currently held in USCIS mailroom facilities but not processed to the point of recognition as Initial Receipts are deemed frontlog cases. These frontlog cases are also not reflected in Pending figures.]

    http://immigration-law.com/ (Break News)

    June 14th, 2005, 06:06 PM
    My new lenses got a great workout today at the Gardens and Zoo. Their performance was great; I'm not sure I could say the same about mine. :o

    Anyway, here are a few images:




    Comments and critiques are more than welcome!

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