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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

funny peoms

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  • sudha123
    07-19 12:28 AM
    Hi All,

    sorry to post in this thread. I am new to this forum and i could not find anywhere where to start a new post. Plz let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-12 09:20 AM
    From Politico: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to push for a vote during the lame-duck session on a bill that would legalize young, undocumented immigrants if they attend college or serve in the military, according to Democratic sources familiar with a leadership conference call Wednesday. A vote on the bill, known as the DREAM Act, could come as early as next week, the sources said. Pelosi asked Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) and Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) to assess the mood of the caucus, according to one source. The vote on DREAM is probably easier in the Lame Duck House given...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/11/pelosi-will-push-for-dream-act-vote-in-lame-duck.html)

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  • Karol
    01-13 09:45 PM

    My sister is filing my green card. Since I am married I was wondering if there is any way to fapply my husband's green card at the same time. Should I wait and file DS-230?


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  • styrum
    04-03 03:31 PM
    When submitting online you get a generated 9089 form in a PDF file, complete with the case number in it.


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  • rockstart
    03-31 02:00 PM
    Is your filing date 6/13/2007? Perhaps they are working on your case. Cross check with perhaps they are touching your application

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  • Ann Ruben
    08-05 01:53 PM
    1. The short answer is: Yes, you can most likely accept a one year intra-company transfer to India, and then transfer back to a position in the US with Company B without necessarily lengthening your GC process.

    2. BUT, in order to file for AOS based on the existing approved LC/I-140 (EB2 or EB3??), you would have to return to the US to work in the same position at the same location for which the underlying LC was approved.

    3. Alternatively, if your position in India meets the USCIS definition of managerial or executive, and you transfer back to the US to take on a position that also qualifies as managerial or executive, Compny B could file an EB1 I-140 on your behalf (maintaining the priority date of the prior I-140), thus substantially shortening or eliminating the quota wait.

    4. If you cannot qualify in the EB1 category, and Company B transfers you back to a new position or new location in the US. You can retain your original priority date, but the company will have to apply for a new PERM LC and then file a new I-140 for you.

    [NOTE: The above analysis assumes you (and your spouse, if any) were born in India and subject to the immigrant visa quota for India.]


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  • reddy2cool
    08-20 11:29 AM
    Hi all,

    I got married in March 08. My wife is on H1 before marraige and working at Minenapolis but after the marraige she always stayed here(found a diff project) with me in DC. The mistake (i think) we didnt paid much attention the to the update on the address or the maritul status on paystubs and as of now both our paystubs show our older addresses and single status (as we thought we can file a joint return at the year end where we can do all adjustments). Now that my date is current and applying spouse as derivative will this raise any rfe (ofcourse i have the marraige doc)? As such iam not to bothered about the rfe per se as ours is a genuine marraige but iam worried whether these rfe will lead to extreme delays (i have seen cases) and whether anybody encountered this kind of scenario before pl post your experience.

    Appreciate your opinions on this.

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  • vin13
    03-03 02:31 PM
    I think what they are saying is that after 150 days and no FBI clearance, then they are introducting an additional request and FBI will direct USCIS whether to approve the case even without clearance.

    If all these communications back and forth happens in a timely manner then it may not be too bad.

    Note:They are saying that most of the FBI name checks are being processed within 90 days.

    Hopefully this is not going to be a major issue.


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  • sunny1000
    09-06 10:13 PM
    I have been approved for a new H1 visa for 2 years - Consulate Case. My previous visa extension was denied & so applied for a new one with a different company in a different state. I m trying to book an appointment online for the interview in which I have to fill up DS 156 form. There is one question # 24, where it is asking me write the address where I will stay. At present, I have not decided on address as I don't know stamping would be approved or not. So what do I need to write there. I presently stay in a different stay where I own a house.

    Lawyers & experienced people pls. help out as soon as possible... I am running out of time...

    Thanx In advance

    The address should be the one which you are currently staying (on file with USCIS when you filed for GC or notified using AR-11).

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  • ragz4u
    04-07 10:27 PM
    Think again ! :)

    We are extremely excited to announce that some other senators we were in touch with, have introduced amendments in favor of legal skilled immigrants. We will reveal details pretty soon.

    Before anyone thinks about posting that the bill is dead, we have some news for you! It is not. There is too much noise right now and the undocumented folks doing rallies with 100K people at one time, this will not be pushed under the rug. Also, we have heard whispers in DC that the immigration bill will be taken up pretty soon after the recess :)

    Thanks to all the folks who believe in us :) Together we will achieve what he have set to achieve ......


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  • Better_Days
    10-24 07:25 PM
    Doesn't the date fall on a Sunday? It is probably a system update: I belive that similar things have happened to others. Don't worry and enjoy your weekend.

    My EB2- I140 (INDIA) approved on March 09, 2007. We also have received our EAD last year after filing I-485 in July 2007.
    I was checking online status and for my I-140, last updated date shows January 06, 2008. (My EB2 PD is OCT 2006). Can any one explain why the I-140 showing update date of 01/06/2008. The online status says following text :

    Current Status: Case approved; approval notice e-mailed.
    On March 9, 2007, this I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN WORKER was approved and we sent you an e-mail notice. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service.

    I am little bit confuse.
    I appriciate your help.
    Thank you.

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  • techysingh
    08-07 08:53 PM
    Mine took 4 weeks


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  • dhirajgrover
    04-16 04:31 PM
    Recently, one of my co-worker who was on L1A, requested an extension of his Visa. His employer filed for an L1B instead and did not inform him until after filing it. Now USCIS has sent an RFE. Does anyone know if this can be grounds for rejection of his Visa? Is the employer legally correct in filing a changed Visa category at will without informing the holder? His wife is unable to obtain a driver's license since the Visa approval is pending. Does anyone know if this can be addressed? If so, how?

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  • gawadejyoti
    05-28 07:17 PM
    I am on L1 B visa . I got visa for 3 years. I am working in usa. my I-94 expiration date is september 2009.
    My home country is India. can i Go back to india and apply for L1 B again. or can i just cross the border and come back in usa (so that my i-94 get extended).

    thanks in advance


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  • gcmatters77
    06-08 04:18 AM
    Hi guru�s,

    Need some help, I was in US working for a consulting company and a good client for 4 years then due to some family issues I had to return back to India in the beginning of last year �08. I and my wife has visa stamped in passport valid till the end of this year. Now I want to come back to US and I am not sure if I can enter US again with the same visa as I do not have paystub from my employer for last 1.5 years.

    During this 1.5 years I started my own business and tried various options but didn�t work out well so want to return back to US and during this time we had a son who doesn�t have a visa. Does any body know how I can return back to US, are they really strict at port of entry and would not let me in without a project. I don�t have a project right now and will look for it once I am in US. Any input would be very helpful.

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  • NikNikon
    September 8th, 2004, 08:19 PM
    Well I've run a test shooting one subject with my D70 on each available white balance setting and uploaded the results to the gallery (sorry for taking up space but curiosity was killing me). Turns out the gallery read my EXIF data correctly on 2 out of the 6 pics uploaded, "Incandescent" & "Cloudy". All others read cloudy, so I'm not sure if the discrepancy is with the camera or the gallery. When I read the data on my PC they all read "manual white balance" so that's no help. Anyway, the following links contain the results:

    #1 (Incandescent)

    *2 (Flourescent)

    #3 (Direct Sunlight)

    #4 (Flash)

    #5 (Cloudy)

    #6 (Shade)

    EAD Renewal - Please help [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : EAD Renewal - Please help


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  • guest_?
    08-15 05:19 PM
    Thanks to both of you!

    I just got back to the post to update it. Even I found through another source that https://www.usvisa-mexico.com/ is the new website for booking visa appointments at mexico consulates!

    What makes me wonder though is the fact that tijuana us consulate website and nvars website still point to the old website!?

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  • lostinbeta
    10-02 02:26 AM
    Why do you tease us so much edwin:evil:

    That is some excellent work though. Very well done:) (as is everything you do)

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  • kprgroup
    12-28 10:05 AM
    Background OF Myself
    a) Worked for Company A from 2003 to 2008.

    b) Company A applied I-140 and approved April 2006. AOS 485 filed on July 2007. Got EAD but never used it

    c)September 2008 I have Joined employer �B� by transferring H1B (Valid until Aug 2010).

    d) Employer A revoked 140 which triggered 485 denial in October 2008.

    e)Applied MTR and it was approved in NOVEMBER 2008 and 485 reopened.

    f)Applied AP & EAD renewal ,got a EAD card September 2010

    g) Since EAD extension got delayed I have applied H1-B Renewal August 1st week of 2010 and got a RFE now asking for proof how beneficiary qualify to extend beyond six years?


    I think the I140 revoked and 485 denial back in 2008 triggered the RFE. (Though MTR approved and 485 is pending)

    1)I have EAD approved and it�s valid until 2012 September .Is it possible can we withdraw HI-B Petition application when they request RFE?

    2)Can I have any chance of explain USCIS, by this rule below?

    ��USCIS has also specifically stated that if an approved I-140 is withdrawn after an I-485 has been pending for more than 180 days, the I-140 remains valid for purposes of AC21 � 106(c) portabilty:

    "If the Form I-140 has been approved and the Form I-485 has been filed and remained unadjudicated for 180 days or more (as measured from the form I-485 receipt date), the approved Form I-140 will remain valid even if the alien changes jobs or employers as long as the new offer of employment is in the same or similar occupation." AFM Sec. 20.2(c) ��


    Horace Jones
    07-23 06:02 PM
    Has anyone considered: In Arizona, what's going to happen to all of the immigrants who are there perfectly legally and are actually creating American jobs via the EB5 green card program? Will the be harassed? I say probably.

    08-21 11:53 AM
    It seems they want to make some progress before updating the dates :rolleyes:

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