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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • venky08
    07-30 06:28 PM
    you can enter the country even a day before your visa expires, but the main thing here is the i-94 stamp where the immigration officer puts the duration of your stay...it will be till your visa expiry date. so it is better for you to have an approval for the extension so that you can get to stay till the expiry of your visa. do premium processing or something, you still have time...

    i am not an attorney...check this out with your attorney...

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    03-27 12:47 AM
    Added your first one Junaidi :)

    Please create a second thread for your second entry so that I can link directly to it!


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  • mirage
    03-28 10:52 AM
    I am suggesting we should write to White House and to the Ben Bernanke in Mass and draw their attention towards a million people waiting for their green cards, logically they should have already got it(10 years waiting is illogical) but if USCIS use Visa recapture these people can get green cards and green cards to these people means a million new house buyers in the market new cars buyers etc etc. Everybody is going to get green card one day, why not now..That will help bail out the housing market. I'm sure it'll strike a cord with the lawmakers as it will benefit them politically....

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  • mdmd10
    05-12 01:14 PM
    Thank you all for your responses.

    Actually I wanted to know if one doesn't go out of the country and stays back in the US, and remains unemployed for whatever reason for say 6 month or more- medical, personal etc or perhaps just take a break.


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  • english_august
    09-23 10:49 AM
    I've filed for I129 but I don't yet have my I-797C, Notice of Action form with me. I do have my receipt number and I was wondering if it was possible to find out the service center based on that.

    When I check the status of my case online, it does not include any information regarding which service is processing my application.

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  • sharmana
    08-02 07:09 PM
    I doubt it that this is the content


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  • paskal
    09-04 11:41 PM
    i know you are coming - that's why i was reminding you :D

    by updating the profile you will get lobby day announcements etc

    btw i sent you a pm....

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  • iam4u4ever
    05-30 05:00 PM
    Can anyone tell me how long it will take to receive card after receiving welcome email?

    Permanent Resident Card Production Delays

    USCIS is announcing that applicants may experience up to an eight week delay in the delivery of their permanent resident card while we are in the process of upgrading our card production equipment. USCIS Field Offices will be issuing temporary evidence of permanent residence in the form of an I-551 stamp to applicants approved for permanent residence at the time of their interview. You will need to take your passport to your appointment. If you do not have a passport, you must bring a passport style photo and government issued photo identification to receive temporary evidence of permanent residence.

    If the application is approved subsequent to your interview or by a Service Center or the National Benefit Center, the applicant should bring the above documents to an INFOPASS appointment to be issued temporary evidence of permanent residence in the form of an I-551 stamp.

    Last updated:05/29/2009


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  • saibaba
    12-04 12:06 PM
    In the I-140, Immigration Petition for Alien Worker, under �Basic information about proposed employment�, in the �Wages per week� column it is written as $XX,XXX/yr.

    Is this the amount my employer offered in the full time position that he offered while processing my GC?

    Do I have to make sure my salary with new employer should be more than $XX,XXX/yr?

    Also my original employer who filed my GC mentioned my designation as Software Engineer � Applications, Do I need to have same designation in the new firm? Or can it be anything under Software Engineering like design, programming, analysis,developer,data quality,testing etc?

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  • sai_k
    06-10 05:27 PM
    Hi there

    I am currently working on F1-OPT with company A. Company A filed for my
    H1B visa and it got approved, which is yet to start from Oct 2010. But now I
    got an offer from Company B. I have to get my H1 transferred to company B.
    I have informed my current employer(Company A) about this transfer.

    But actually they(company A) are planning to withdraw my H1B visa petition
    from USCIS as I will not be working with them from Oct 2010.
    I would like to know if this will affect my visa transfer.
    Can someone please let me know how it works and suggest me what should I do
    to get my transfer done?

    Thank you so much for the help


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  • divak
    01-25 11:39 AM
    Guys any suggestions? How long does it take to produce the cards these days? I've seen many approvals where they get the cards within days. Pretty confused about this.

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  • waiting4gc02
    01-18 10:07 AM
    Is there anyway to get H1-B extension done fast ?
    Using Premium Processing or anything like that..??

    Please share your thoughts.


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  • gc28262
    06-16 06:11 PM
    If you have the receipt no for I-140, you can request it by FOIA
    USCIS Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) Contact:

    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=7b21d0676988d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCR D&vgnextchannel=34139c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD


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  • Leo07
    01-12 06:25 PM
    Quick Question: Is it legal to hold multiple H1Bs, one with Not-for-profit and the other for profit?


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  • andycool
    04-18 04:55 PM
    Hi, I am currently on my 5th year H-1B visa. I have an option to stay with the same firm and they will help me apply greencard. But I am also considering an opportunity in Bermuda for a 2-3 year program (with the same firm).

    My question is if I come back to the US after 2 years, will I be able to apply H-1B visa again? Will it be a whole new H-1B petition/application process subject to the H-1B cap?

    Or will it be just another H-1B renewal process following my previous two terms?

    Do I need to wait for another two terms of H-1B to expire before starting the greencard process?

    Can I ask my currently employer to apply for greencard concurrently while I am working outside the US?


    1) Yes you can come back fter 2 years and apply for a new H1B , you will get a new H1 for 6 years .

    Can I ask my currently employer to apply for greencard concurrently while I am working outside the US?

    YES , YES , YES ...if you can get this done that will be the best option...
    file a GC application and apply for Consulare proces ,


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  • evildrummer
    04-01 11:33 AM
    I got matched to the penguin counter :h: WOW!!! I get to move to the antarctic!

    I am not endorsing our relationship!


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  • nikhilarora
    10-07 05:24 PM
    Hi All,

    I transferred my H1B from Company A to Company B. Currently i am working with Company B, but my Company -B's H1B Application is Still in Pending.

    Now i would like to do the COS from Company B(pending H1B) to F1 as I already received I-20 from the University for the Spring 2010.

    Case Description: Assume that, we applied Change of Status from H1B to F1 and it is in pending status.
    Case i : what happens to my Pending H1B Application with the Company B.
    Case ii : What happens if my H1B with Company B gets approved/Denied, when COS from H1B to F1 is pending.
    Case iii: what happens if my H1B to F1 Change of Status gets denied.

    Appreciate your valuable answers.

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  • bkarnik
    09-24 07:46 PM

    I got notices from CSC too yesterday. The notice has a receipt date of Sep. 18, 2007 and a notice date of Sep. 19, 2007. The notice says that my petition was filed at CSC which is not the correct service center and has been transferred to NSC. NSC will be getting back to me with action taken. The notice has no information regarding Priority date or Attorney inspite of having a approved I140 and G-28 form included in the petitions

    I immediately contacted my Attorney. Turns out we had Fedexed the applications on July 20th to the NSC and was recieved at the NSC on July 23rd. According to the attorneys, NSC probably transferred applications across various service centers for data entry and these applications are now being transferred back to NSC. It is very likley that the actual receipts will be issued by NSC. To play it safe, my attorneys will be sending a letter to the NSC documenting this and requesting that they be sent the correspondence from hereon.

    Hopefully, thats what it is. Have you asked your attorneys their opinion?

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  • blitz456
    06-08 12:31 AM

    I am about to start my process for green card. Not the best of times to file, but I absolutely cant afford to lose more time. My filing would be in EB3 as I have a 3 year bachelor degree. I have a professional accounting degree also but I dont think I would be making use of it. My approach right now is of least risk.

    What I am little concerned about is the designation / job code to use. Though I have worked as a Programmer Analyst till now for 8 years now with some elements of Business Analysis - my idea is file as a Systems Analyst (Onet code - 15-1051.00 ). The reasons are two fold - one, to allow me to work as Business / Financial Analyst when I decide to change my role couple of years down the line and second, to limit the number of responses to advert given present market conditions.

    I am not sure if what I am trying to do has any risks. My lawyer suggests that I should put only and only those elements in advert, for which I can provide experience letters at I 140 stage. So the exact business analysis elements may be difficult to get, but I see the job description at Onet site can quite fit my profile well. (I have done requirements analysis in my last job)

    Also I am wondering if I need this approach at all. Like if I would want to work as a Business Analyst later on, I could file an another labor in anycase - the time lags to get 485 cleared are so long that I can get another labor approved before I apply for 485. This way right now I can get the priority date crystallized first up and care about job role later on.

    However I dont know if the other reason - to prevent too many applications by posting this job code is a pragmatic one or not.

    Please advise. Thanks much in advance.

    11-06 07:20 PM
    I am applying for a green card and my lawyer sent me a case number starting with an A and in the format : A-#####-##### for my PERM.
    I tried http://pds.pbls.doleta.gov/ but it does not accept case numbers starting with "A".
    Can you please tell me where I can go to look at the status of this application?

    This web site was being used to check cases from Philly and Dallas backlog centers ..read carefully

    "The backlog public disclosure system only accepts Case Numbers beginning with either a D or P. Please enter the case number with all dashes. Where the # represents a number
    (e.g. P-#####-##### OR D-#####-##### )."

    07-23 09:23 PM
    Plzz suggest me

    1.I applied for I-485 in May 07 and got I-485 reciept in June 07 , and returned to US in july 07 after a short travel outside US.
    2.I got the new I-94 card
    3.The purpose of my trip outside US to erase my previous out of status history for more than 180 days.
    4.My question:How to send my latest I-94 copy to USCIS ? Do i need to attach any form along with latest I-94?
    5.Will it really erase my previous out of status history , by considering the fact the I am always in legal status after my re-entry in US and USCIS having my latest I-94(once I send the latest I-94)

    Thanks In Advance


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