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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

funny math jokes

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  • Math Talks. └ Tags: funny

  • cooltypes
    04-13 11:21 AM
    We are indian nationals living in the US - I have an H1-B visa with visa stamp valid till 05/2010 and my wife is on H4 - she has a valid 797 but does not have a visa stamp yet

    We are planning to visit UK on visitor visa for 2 weeks .. Is it possible to get a visa stamp in London US consulate and how long does it normally take to get a visas stamp?


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  • Anders �stberg
    February 5th, 2005, 03:12 AM
    Agree on the eye, it's important to see that, and have a little catchlight for making the animal look alive. Only problem with the first shot is the branch behind the head. It's blurred a bit which helps though. The background is difficult to control - you take what you get many times with animals and birds.

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  • Fun Fact: Math jokes are funny

  • jasonalbany
    04-09 06:28 PM

    Guys, I don't know how other people think about team IV and why some people suspect our team's ability. I think highly of them. They are in the same boat as we are now! Team IV is the best team I have seen to represent Employment Based Immigrants! The bill isn't dead!!! Don't give up, don't let pessimism overcome you and don't let hurdle confuse your vision!

    Let's unite and work hard to move it. Good job, team IV!

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  • akhilarmn
    11-03 04:08 PM
    Here is my case:
    With Company A, my H-1B extension was filed on 8/22/2010, under regular processing.
    My I-94 expiry date was 9/30/2010.

    With Company B, H-1B transfer was filed on 10/2/2010 filed under Premium Processing
    Received RFE on H-1B transfer. Responded on 10/22/2010.
    Current status of H-1B transfer case is "RFE response review". No decision yet.

    Meanwhile I got an RFE on H-1B extension on 10/25/2010.

    1. How is the RFE on H-1B extension with Company A going to affect my H-1B transfer to Company B?

    2. Should the H-1B extension be Approved before getting a decision on the H-1B transfer?

    3. I read in a forum that unless my H-1B extension is approved, I will not get an I-94 with H-1B transfer approval (since it was filed after my I-94 expiry). Is this correct?

    Please advise. Thanks.

    P.S. I will post my experience once I get a decision on H-1B transfer.


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  • Filed under cat math jokes

  • PD_Dec2002
    06-10 07:50 PM
    Can anybody please let me know what are the documents needed to file for 485. If I do not have any immunization record, how can I show that immunization record?
    Somebody with experience please post. It has been answered earlier elsewhere, but I could not find it through search.
    Thank you

    Your question is answered in this thread: http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=4476 on page 1 by "arnet".


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  • Funny Math Pictures.

  • javadeveloper
    08-13 10:59 PM
    Is your Interfiling(EB3 to EB2) success/failure? Please share your success/failure stories!!!It'll be helpful for Your EB3 friends.PLEASE... PLEASE... DON'T MISLEAD EB3 GUYS WITH FALSE INFORMATION.


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  • AdilAhmed
    04-28 04:54 PM
    cool thanks, r there any tutorials for this?

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  • roxychaney
    03-19 12:47 AM
    this is great, even after working with acrylics for a while, my portraits never got better than this!

    blending acrylics = very very hard

    I can't seem to resist contests, lol. Anyways... here is my first attempt at a portrait with acrylics. Its 8x10". :)



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  • funny math pic, funny math

  • bugsbunny
    05-02 12:29 AM
    who is giving me red? :)
    If you did not find my reply helpful Please post something useful

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  • Math jokes motivational poster

  • here4gc
    04-17 12:37 AM
    I was recently invited by a fellow worker, who is spanish ( I am desi ) - to an event organized by CHIRLA - the Los angeles (http://www.chirla.org/) - Colation of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. It was a fund raiser - with Fun, a few bigwigs were also present and people were paying $100/person to enter. Although this was a glitzy function with girls in gowns and guys dressed up in party wear..with drinks and lights etc..the gathering was all spanish, and there were many families as well as lot of college kind / working youth were there...

    This gave me an idea about IV and how IV is now a known organization, both within the immigrant community and now also in the USCIS as well as with lawmakers and AILA, how about organizing a fund raiser in DC - invite AILA, maybe Rajiv Khanna and maybe someone from the CIS community. It can be a good platform both for IV to make an impact as well as generating funds and interest in what IV is doing.

    Maybe have these people spend 10 minutes each on the stage, with some good grub (sponsors can be approached) and maybe light drinks (not sure) - but all in all a nice atmosphere and a forum to help us not fight with USCIS but to make them understand and appreciate our pain.

    I know we have done this in college and all, but a 10 minute short play by the Immigrant community (DESIS) - should be fun as well as an eye opener to these guys..

    Guys, don't shoot me down..its just my humble suggestion, however if you guys think differently I am fine with it. I just expressed what I felt but it is for everybody to decide.


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  • Math jokes - if you get them,

  • olegbi_q2
    07-27 05:20 PM
    Got an RFE request on a I485 that I think is a huge problem.

    I spent a year in the USA in 97-98 on J1 student exchange Visa.
    I went back to Russia, and finished the last year of high school there.

    Then in '99 I came back to the USA on an F1 visa, did a four year college. After that I have been continuously employed on H1b, filed for green card in 2007.

    RFE is requesting information about Section 212 of Immigration and Nationality Act.

    How big of a trouble am I in?

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  • equation, jokes, math

  • 485Mbe4001
    10-12 01:07 PM
    the testimony links on the right hand site are worth reading they make compelling arguments..wonder what happend..there are no commitee member comments on this hearing.

    Found this while searching the website of the Senate Judiciary committee. Even though it is more than a month old, the references to SKIL bill in the hearing offers a glimmer of hope to us..As I understand the SKIL bill has been referred to the same committee for several months now.



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  • chanduv23
    09-17 02:29 PM
    We are planning to have a cheerleader event especially for all those Cheerleader fans

    You will miss Cheerleaders live in action if you don't come to the rally

    So all the Cheerleader fans - LETS GO TO DC


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  • logiclife
    06-04 01:12 PM
    There are still some new members who keep posting that the bill S 1348 looks very good and it has SKIL provisions etc, because they get pointed to the last year's bill.

    If you go on thomas.loc.gov and find bill text for S. 1348 you see a bill that is a copy-paste version of LAST YEAR'S SENATE BILL S. 2611.

    That text is last years text that was initially put in place as a place-holder BEFORE the grand compromise was reached.

    After the grand bargin (compromise/coalition) was reached, the text of the grand compromise replaced the entire text of last year's bill (that has SKIL) was the next text.

    Amendment # 1150 (S.A. 1150) Sponsored by Sen. Kennedy is a 400 page amendment that replaces the entire text that was intially in the bill with the new text. Its a "Substitute" amendment.

    Read the S. A. 1150 text. Its also on IV homepage as PDF. That is the bill now. Here is the link to that



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  • nashorn
    12-18 05:53 PM
    Gurus, please help. Can anybody throw some light on why my LUD has changed on I-485. Could it be because of name clearance.
    Name check cleared would not result in a lud. But if you get more luds in the next couple of days, which probebly means they are processing your case, you can say your name check is cleared, because they only start process your case after name check is cleared.

    Is you PD current? If not, your case cann't be approved no matter how many luds.

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  • You do the math !! Tags funny

  • purgan
    05-08 07:32 PM
    I dont' feel there is anything wrong with posting it...after all he has not written it (and even if he did, there is such a thing called freedom of speech)...he has only posted it.


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  • funny joke. June 15, 2008

  • vin13
    12-21 04:06 PM
    I have to do a emergency travel to India and I did not get my advance during that time. I went to USCIS office in person and got the advance parole and flyed to India.

    Back in US I learnt from my wife that I got another copy of Advance parole which I have applied earlier. Both Parole documents look different in format and the one which I got from USCIS office does not have the SRC nubmer on it.

    If my wife sends the recent Advance Parole documents via FEDEX, not sure which document I should show up at port of entry..Plese help.


    Both are valid Parole documents. But technically you are supposed to have the approved advance parole documents with you before you leave the country. So it would be better for you to use the one you got from the USCIS office for this trip.

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  • somma
    12-11 03:22 PM

    you got to be kidding.

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  • freddyCR
    January 12th, 2005, 11:06 AM
    Thanks for you replies guys..
    What I wanted to transmit with this pic, apart from the beautiful light, was the inmensity of the sky...I showed so much sky partly to convey that feeling...but I scrolled the image up to see how it looked cropped, and it looks more balanced.....I have to think about this one

    Lord Rahl
    03-26 02:14 PM
    Odd, I can't see anything. Link comes up blank for me.

    02-12 06:37 PM
    Hi all,

    Any one can please help me, I am leaving at Atlanta, Georgia, I have 5 years old son his passport is going expire next month so I would like to apply. Any could tell me what are the documents required, what form I need to fill, fee, where can I apply for renewal etc......

    Thank you in Advance..


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