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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


    Deluxe cover, which includes 3 new tracks and 3 remix to "Run The World (Girls)"


    After taking a break for a year, Beyoncé was able to step back into the industry like she never missed a beat. Bey has gained the title of the 'Tina Turner of our time' and with this new album '4,' which is in stores today, Bey gives a classic Beyoncé album with a live feel that it almost feel like you are at her concert.

    With tracks like "1+1," "I Care," "I Miss You," "Best Thing I Never Had," "Party," "Rather Die Young," "Start Over," "I Was Here," "Lay Up Under Me," and "Dance For You" Bey shares up some mid-tempo tunes for the ladies and the other half of the album with some Sasha Fierce hard beat pop tracks like "Love On Top," "End Of Time," "Countdown," "Run The World (Girls)," and "Schoolin‚ Life" that takes you to the club and back. Though, 4 first single "Run The World (Girls)" didn't do well according to the charts, Billboard still awarded Bey for her work as a talented force and for her array of accomplishments so far in the industry with Millennium Award at the 2011 Billboard awards.

    The Album takes a signature classic tone to what we understand musically with Beyoncé from her past work. You can also hear the growth in her sound, though her range and vocal ability remains classic. With '4' already No. 1 on itunes and the fact that the album was leaked a few weeks ago, its clear that Bey fans loves what the singer stands 4. 'With that said, even star students get the occasional B.'

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