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Thursday, June 30, 2011

4. The Chase - A progress report

    Sadly, it is getting bigger.
    Today marks the blog's halfway point and the list of movies I am behind is now over 50.
    Ok, there have been extenuating circumstances in the last month or so. with a family bereavement and Mrs W and I having been on holiday in Spain but come the end of December these will just seem like excuses.
    Admittedly, the list is super harsh too.
    I'm pretty sure The Flying Machine only had two performances in February and has not been officially released yet.
    Between The Canals has only been released in Ireland.
    Both of these movies are on the list because they are on the Film Distributors' Association calendar.
    Then there are the films which I have tried to see but had no subtitles at the time.
    They include Christian Brothers, Weekend and Double Dhamaal.
    I cannot alter the list, however. It is what it is and I shall still attempt to see these movies.
    I'm hopeing for a bonzanza weekend coming up where I tick off nine or ten so progress will, hopefully, be made.
    June was by far the biggest month for views. The monthly total was an amazing 17,000 hits. Thank you so much for your support.
    Remember to join me on twitter @everyfilmin2011.
    So here is the list. Please help with any which do not have asterisks.

    1. Charlie Noades RIP
    2. Kutsal Damacana 3 Dracoola
    3. Ask Tesadufleri Sever
    4. Nothing To Declare
    5. The Flying Machine
    6. Seedan
    7. Ya Sonra
    8. Singam Puli
    9. Between The Canals
    10. Cinar Agaci
    11. Lovers' Guide 3D
    12. * Seconds Apart
    13. Great Directors
    14. Christian Brothers
    15. Weekend
    16. Urumi
    17. Giselle 3D
    18. Mappalai
    19. The Room
    20. Dharti
    21. *I Saw The Devil
    22. Vaanam
    23. *My Dog Tulip
    24. *Outside The Law
    25. Cooking With Stella
    26. Engeyum Khadal
    27. Seniors
    28. Yu-Gi-Oh 3D
    29. Bash Street
    30. After The Apocalypse
    31. *Third Star
    32. Flying Monsters 3D
    33. *Home
    34. The Flaw
    35. How To Get Rid Of Cellulite
    36. Talihina Sky: The Story Of The Kings Of Leon
    37. Double Dhamaal
    38. *Cutter's Way
    39. *Akira
    40. Kylie 3D: Aphrodite Les Folies
    41. *Swinging With The Finkels
    42. Putty Hill
    43. *Potiche
    44. Kucch Luv Jaissa
    45. *Ice Cold In Alex
    46. *Cross Of Iron
    47. Behja Fry 2
    48 * Bad Teacher
    49. Avan Ivan
    50. Always Kabhi Kabhi
    51. *Point Blank
    52* Green Lantern
    53. *Life In A Day
    54. *The Round Up
    55. *Upside Down
    56. Born To Be Wild 3D

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4. The Chase - A progress report

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