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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

271. The Devil's Rock

    What a curious movie. Chris from Metrodome sent me this screener of The Devil's Rock which is due out on July 8.
    I can't say my expectations were high. Horror films are not my particular favourite and this was a New Zealand flick, about satanic goings-on in the Channel Islands during the Second World War.
    It all seemed a bit bewildering to me.
    But, fortunately, I kept my mind open and I was jolly glad I did. This is a gory horror, sure enough, but it doesn't follow the same old hackneyed plots - and its originality comes with some great tension and twists.
    So, let's spin back and examine the storyline.
    Essentially two Kiwi officers have been fighting in Europe.
    It is the night before the D-Day landings and their job is to set explosives on one of the smallest Channel islands to deflect the attention of the Germans.
    When they arrive at the Nazi outpost they hear a woman's screams and believe an islander is being tortured.
    Going to investigate turns out to be the worse decision they have ever made - because they discover the Germans are in distress rather than their captive.
    To explain more would be giving the game away, although I guess the poster above is a giant spoiler.
    I would say that if you have a weak stomach you may want to avoid Paul Campion's movie. There are more body parts than you can shake a stick at.
    But, rather than being gratuitous usage of gore, it has its place here and is relevant to the script.
    Craig Hall is in good form as the Kiwi captain who is faced with indescribable peril as he makes life or death decisions.
    Matthew Sutherland is splendidly aggressive as the German colonel but his accent does waver a fair bit and Gina Varela is beguiling and menacing as the woman in the poster.
    Check out The Devil's Rock. In a year of sub-standard and cliched horror movies this is a cut above. It's not a classic but well worth 7/10.

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271. The Devil's Rock

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