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Sunday, June 26, 2011

268. Ghosted

    Sometimes the making of the movie can be the quality of its cast.
    Ghosted is centred entirely on the inside of a prison wing. I had seen pretty much every scene in different jail dramas previously (except one which you will recognise when you see it),
    But this all British cast added a venom and, in some cases, compassion which give it status well above the also-rans.
    John Lynch tops the bill as Jack, who is behind bars when his young son dies. His woe is exacerbated when he discovers his wife has set up with another man.
    Lynch sees life as a hopeless cause but is talked into taking Paul, a new young inmate (Martin Compston, who was so good in last year's Soul Boy), under his wing.
    Paul gives cause for concern because he is the target of the jail's gay bully boy (Craig Parkinson - who coincidentally gave Compston's character a pasting in Soul Boy).
    Parkinson gives a splendid double-edged performance. He oozes menace in the movie's early stages but is equally good when he is under pressure.
    There are also roles worthy of mention for David Schofield, who is the head prison guard and Art Malik who is low key as Jack's ally on the inside.
    Malik is executive producer of Ghosted and deserves to be pleased with the results of a movie which bears his name so heavily.
    It is also a very promising first feature from director Craig Viveiros.
    He concentrates rightly on keeping the horror of some of the scenes in the imagination of his audience rather than offering up full on grime and gore.
    And I'm going to give a gold star to Amy Hubbard, who would normally be an unsung member of the Ghosted team.
    She put together the cast of the film and should certainly take part of the credit for its mark of 7/10.

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268. Ghosted

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