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Sunday, June 26, 2011

267. World Of The Dead - The Zombie Diaries 2

    One thing I regret taking on the challenge of watching every film in 2011 can be summed up in one word - zombies.
    Notwithstanding I was relatively praiseworthy of Stake Land last week, I really could do without the genre completely.
    It's not that I have a particular bias against the undead. I was a particular fan of Captain Scarlet and the eerie rings which meant an earthling has resumed their form as a Mysteron.
    Indeed, most types of ghostly apparition are fine by me. As long as they have a touch of originality.
    But zombies are a predictable bunch. They have eyes which seem like they are unfocused so how they manage to see their prey is a conundrum in itself.
    Then there is this business of them looking like the most unathletic kid at school sports day. Their arms are stretched out like they are having a contortion.
    So, they can't run, can't see and are unarmed apart from an appetite for blood and some sharp nashers.
    How is it again that they manage to bump off highly trained army types with machine guns?
    Anyway, I have to accept that Zombies are around and so is World Of The Dead; Zombie Diaries 2. 
    I can't say I can recall Zombie Diaries 1 but it is entirely possible I have seen it and forgotten it.
    This latest incarnation by Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates has some plus points and and a fair few minuses.
    On its side, there is some pretty reasonable acting and tension is ratcheted up.
    The storyline is that a virus has swept Britain and a Territorial Army team is racing for the coast to join an evacuation to Holland.
    Along the way, they face zombies a-go-go and a pack of degenerates who have not been infected but are just as evil.
    Zombie Diaries 2 is almost entirely filmed through a Blairwitch-style hand-held camera and that leads to situations which are simply ludicrous.
    The cameraman, instead of picking up a gun, keeps a tight hold of his video recorder, even illuminating the faces of those on his side. His insistence, unsurprisingly costs lives.
    Much of the movie is even seen the the spotlight of the camera. That makes it tricky to follow to say the least.
    And then there are the cliches: the thick oozing blood sliding from the mouths of the zombies, the inevitable graveyard scene and worst of all, the degrading acts on women.
    One reminded me of the appalling attack in I Spit On Your Grave.
    As said, it was not the worst film of the year but a bit more creativity would have taken it up a notch.
    So, I'll give a rating of 4.5/10.

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267. World Of The Dead - The Zombie Diaries 2

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