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Saturday, June 25, 2011

266. Jack Goes Boating

    So, this is it. Our nine days in Spain are nearly over and this is the last blog from our holidays.
    And I'm red. Not with embarrassment, you understand but from having a last day overdoing the rays.
    Oh, and my head hurts because it is not only burned but I walked straight into the roof of a taxi (don't ask).
    I've managed to watch all of the DVDs I brought with me, except one. Sadly World of  The Dead: the Zombie Diaries would not play in the laptop.
    However, Philip Seymour Hoffman's Jack Goes Boating (his directorial debut) did work.
    This was originally due to be released in the UK on July 8 but it seems that the date has been put back now until October.
    Either way, the kind folk at Aim Publicity sent me a screener but I have to say it was somewhat of a disappointment.
    Hoffman, you see, is one of my screen favourites. I enjoy his quirky style and his fantastic variety of roles. Before The Devil Knows Your Dead and Capote are two of my favourite films in recent years.
    I even held a candle for Synecdoche, New York, when most people thought it was bonkers.
    Thus, I was really keen to see this movie, bearing in mind he was director, executive producer and lead actor.
    Sadly, this adaptation of an off-Broadway play failed to add to my favourite Hoffman movies.
    Ok, Hoffman is still sublimely offbeat as limo driver Jack - a man who is desperate to impress a woman he has met on a blind date.
    And Amy Ryan is suitably batty as Connie, the subject of his affections.
    It's just that after a while both of them are so odd they just become annoying.
    On top of that, Jack's best friend (John Ortiz) and his wife (Daphne Rubin-Vega) spend too much time sniping at each other, picking over the pieces of their failing marriage.
    Jack Goes Boating isn't all bad - there is certainly a message that triumph can be achieved in even the trickiest of circumstances.
    It's just that the sum of its parts doesn't add up to anything very satisfying.
    Hoffman couldn't make a turkey but this proves he can make a movie that is just a bit dull.
    Rating? 5/10.
    Tomorrow it will hopefully be back to the cinema in Old Blighty. The Green Lantern and Bad Teacher await.
    PS Thanks to Suhan at SWCP for the screener.

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266. Jack Goes Boating

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