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Friday, June 24, 2011

264. Break My Fall

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge of the subject but it surely can't be that every same sex relationship is clouded by misery, can it?
    It just seems that every time I see one portrayed in a movie it seems to be fundamentally depressing.
    By the way, I forgot that it is also enveloped in a culture of heavy drug taking and drinking.
    Remember, it's not me that's making the generalisations here, it is the film-makers.
    Kanchi Wichmann's movie is no exception. The film revolves around the lives of lovers Liza (Kat Redstone) and Sally (Sophie Anderson).
    Liza spends virtually the whole film angry. She is either angry at Sally, angry at their friends, angry at life or angry because she keeps getting angry.
    Sally, on the other hand cries...a lot. She really is a simpering mess.
    They live together in what seems to be a squat with scarcely a brass farthing to their names.
    This financial predicament doesn't seem to prevent them forever sniffing stuff or rubbing it on their gums and going to parties virtually every night.
    Oh, I nearly forgot. When Liza isn't angry and Sally isn't crying, either one of them is throwing up. This is a film with a significant amount of vomit.
    And any follower of everyfilmin2011 will know, vomit on the screen makes me want to...vomit (unless it's in Bridesmaids, when it's funny).
    The most frustrating point about Break My Fall is that the acting is perfectly decent. Both Redstone and Anderson give their characters their all - a scene of domestic violence and one of hectic sex are particularly realistic.
    The direction is effective and the indie soundtrack is fabulous.
    However, the script is just like a constant kick in the nuts. Every time it seems there is progress in Liza and Sally's life, their relationship unravels again and it just becomes too much to bear.
    By the end I absolutely loathed Liza and if her character exists in real life I cannot imagine anyone wanting to touch her with a barge pole.
    Perhaps that was the point but the truth is I didn't really grasp what the overall message was and that's why I'm giving Break My Fall 4/10.
    PS Thanks to Simon at Peccadillo Pictures for the screener. Break My Fall is out in the UK at the end of July.


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264. Break My Fall

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