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Thursday, June 16, 2011

250. Mammuth

    Yes, I know why you are reading this review.
    Suffice to say THAT scene is just as jawdropping as everyone says. Fortunately, it doesn't last very long and you don't see the act just the facial expressions.
    I'm surely not giving the game away by now to report on the moment in Mammuth that everyone's talking about.
    Gerard Depardieu and a chap playing his even older cousin in some mutual gratification is probably something I could have done without seeing.
    But, to be fair, its surreal presence wasn't exactly out of place in Gustave Kervern and Benoit Delepine's movie.
    Mammuth is certainly odd but funny and charming.
    And with a combination of Depardieu and one of my favourite actresses, Yolande Moreau, it couldn't really fail, could it?
    Depardieu plays a low-key slaughterhouse worker who we first see on the day of his retirement.
    His wife (Moreau) pressures him into getting his retirement monies sorted out but that means he has to track down his ten previous employers.
    Thus, he gets on his motorbike and sets off on a rather adventurous trip.
    Certainly, I laughed several times during Mammuth, although not as uproariously as some of the patrons of Nottingham's brilliant Broadway cinema.
    Depardieu is fabulously understated and his timing is perfect as always. His character is enveloped in tristesse through large parts of the movie but you could feel the whole cinema smile when he finally finds an unsentimental joy.
    Yolande is superb. The scene in which she tries to spell her name to an answer machine is simple but beautifully observed.
    Mammuth has pathos and humour. It's not a classic but I rather enjoyed its offbeat style and am happy to give it 7/10.

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250. Mammuth

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