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Thursday, June 16, 2011

249. Honey 2

    Have a look carefully at Honey 2's poster.
    The impression is that watching the film would bring joy or at least a smile or two.
    It has actually made me feel pretty angry.
    Seldom, even when I've watched howlingly bad movies this year have I been left so disgruntled.
    Why? Because in all the 249 I have seen so far I have not seen such an unbelievably lazy script.
    For Honey 2 (does anyone remember Honey 1?), read and amalgam of ideas from all of the last three years' dance movies.
    Here are the bricks which the makers of Honey 2 used:
    1. The heroine has been on the wrong side of the tracks. She is seen at the start in a juvenile detention centre where, apparently, hardnuts' rows are decided with dance-offs.
    2. She has previously been in a top dance crew but becomes estranged from them.
    3. She joins a new crew.
    4. The new crew is led by a white upper class guy with rippling muscles. Our heroine falls in love with him.
    5. The new crew ends up facing the old crew in a dance competition.
    6. There is a problem with an important dance because a key member has an exam.
    7. The conclusion is the most obvious you have ever seen.
    Honestly, every single plot line was so familiar, I thought I had seen it before.
    What I will say is that the dance scenes are breathtaking.
    And I do have to accept that some fans will think this is worth the ticket money alone. The elderly couple who walked out of my screening after 40 minutes clearly did not.
    Honey 2 is not worth me spending any more time on.
    I just hope there isn't going to be a Honey 3.
    Rating: 3/10 (two marks for the dancing).

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249. Honey 2

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