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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

248. Mother's Day

    Dear blog followers, let me make you feel very old indeed.
    Next year in the 20th anniversary of Hand That Rocks The Cradle.
    Yes, two decades since Rebecca De Mornay played the beautiful but utterly insane Peyton Flanders.
    It's good to see that all this time later she has lost none of her ability to play someone with a screw loose.
    In fact, there are quite a few similarities between Peyton and Natalie Koffin from Mother's Day.
    Both give a smile as if butter wouldn't melt and have a patter which makes them appear entirely reasonable.
    On the flip side they are both as mad as a box of frogs and psychopaths to boot.
    Mrs Koffin is the head of a family of murdering bank robbers who have run to their old home because one was shot in a double cross. They don't realise that mum has been kicked out because the bills weren't paid.
    But the big problem is that the new owners are holding a party when they arrive.
    This results in the partygoers being held captive and a confrontation which only hints at the levels of cruelty to come.
    After her arrival De Mornay realises that the new owners have taken money which her sons had sent to her.
    This begins the carnage.
    As she says: "Everything you do has consequences.''
    In her twisted world everyone outside her family should do as they are told. Woe betide anyone else if they kick against her rules.
    All of those held captive try to resist at some point during the film and the results are grim.
    But the horror becomes even darker when the family start to demand that the innocents should harm each other to avoid the wrath of the Koffin clan.
    Darren Lynn Bousman's film made me jump a couple of times. My main reaction was an involuntary wince.
    I guess this is an emotion, though, in which case the movie was doing its job.
    It certainly wasn't the worst horror I've seen this year but neither was it anywhere near as good as Insidious.
    In other words the plot and the script were about middlin' but De Mornay was gloriously evil and pushed it to 6.5/10.

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248. Mother's Day

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