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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

246. Bridesmaids

    Oh loyal band of followers, I have some shocking news.
    Thanks to Bridesmaids, I am about to debunk many laws of cinema in which I have grown to believe.
    So here goes:
    1. Previously the name Judd Apatow caused me to put my hands over my eyes. He hadn't been involved in a good movie since Dewey Cox in 2007. Well done Judd, you've just broken a long spell without a laugh.
    2. All Judd Apatow movies have to have someone, if not everyone, smoking dope. Not a sign of it here.
    3. All chick flicks are boring. From the first scene Bridesmaids is a good old giggle.
    4. Blokes can't like chick flicks. I laughed out loud eight times during Bridesmaids.
    5. Vomit is not funny any more. Oh yes it is. Bridesmaids has the best vomit scene since Mr Creosote.
    Are you getting the impression I liked it? I sure did.
    The idea is that Lillian (Maya Rudolph) is getting married and has asked best friend Annie (Kirsten Wiig) to be her maid of honour.
    The problem is that all of Annie's ideas for pre-wedding events and indeed the day itself are trumped by Lillian's very rich and divisive friend Helen (Rose Byrne).
    This causes a mass of relationship dramas with Annie and Helen trying to outdo each other for Lillian's affection.
    In the meantime, Annie's business has gone belly up and her love life is in a heap.
    The success of Bridesmaids is really down to Wiig's top-notch comedy timing and the script she wrote with Annie Mumolo, who also has a hilarious cameo in the movie.
    This is the first film they have written. I really hope they are going to join forces again.
    The movie also has the deft touch of Paul Feig, who has helped make the US version of The Office such a success.
    Let me not pretend that Bridesmaids is perfect.
    As in all chick flicks (and this is a rule which will never be broken), the ending is entirely predictable.
    There is also a very strange thing going on with accents. Chris O'Dowd, who plays Annie's love interest, is Irish but has a rather odd American/Irish brogue which sometimes made his words unclear. Also, Matt Lucas, one of Annie's housemates, is a Brit whose sister comes from the UK but speaks with an Australian accent (Rebel Wilson is from New South Wales).
    But now I'm being picky. I really liked Bridesmaids. Of course, it isn't better than The Hangover (the original) but I would say that because I'm a bloke.
    Nevertheless, it is worth an absolutely cast iron 8/10.
    PS I watched Bridesmaids in advance of its UK release on June 24, thanks to a special screening by Total Film.

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246. Bridesmaids

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