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Sunday, June 12, 2011

241. Kaboom

    I am sitting here scratching my head. For the last 80 minutes my eyes and ears have been assaulted by a movie which has left me utterly bamboozled.
    Kaboom looks like it was shoved together after Gregg Araki had one of those weird dreams that make no sense whatsoever but stick around in the head for days.
    In this case Araki's dream includes hedonistic sex, people studying for university exams and a mad cult kidnapping and killing people.
    Oh I nearly forgot, that it quickly becomes clear that some of the students are possessed with demonic powers and others are being chased by folk wearing animal masks.
    Actually, I've just made Kaboom sound an awful lot more interesting than it is. The truth is it's just awful.
    The acting is horribly wooden and the storyline is incredibly hard to follow.
    And those of you who fancy watching because of its so-called erotic content - I wouldn't bother.
    Yes, there are several liaisons, both straight and gay but they look like they have been lifted straight out of the 1970s. They are the antithesis of passion.
    If you are really desperate I can confirm that we see the top half of three attractive young women and six-packs of several fit (Mrs W's word not mine) guys.
    And beyond that, I really haven't got anything to add.
    I have watched far too much good stuff in recent days to be bothered with writing any more about  a movie which deserves just 2/10.

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241. Kaboom

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