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Saturday, June 11, 2011

237. Ready

    I suppose I should have got over the fact that people actually read the blog, after all it is now a poor day when I don't have 500 views.
    But I was even more humble and shocked last night at Nottingham Cineworld when I was approached by someone who reads it.
    The chap, who I had seen before at a Bollywood screening, was able to talk about my reviews of particular movies.
    It was a brilliant moment and has given me a new lease of life.
    Anyway, I will remember my meeting with this friendly blog follower longer than I will remember Ready, that's for sure.
    Ok, we did watch Anees Bazmee's movie late at night, but I think it would have sent Mrs W to sleep whatever time of day.
    Essentially its a love story with a bag of twists.
    Salman Khan is the smouldering lead man who plays the field until he becomes besotted with a girl who enters his life when she is running away from an arranged marriage.
    They fall for each other, despite farcical circumstances, but there is a significant obstacle. The relatives of her previous betrothed are the heads of a criminal gang.
    Again the match between 46-year-old Khan and beautiful, former Colgate model Asin (who looks younger than her 26 years) is just hard to swallow.
    I can't believe there are many marriages in India with such an age gap.
    But in Bollywood it happens all of the time. I have put up exactly the same arguments when Akshay Kumar is the star.
    Khan, I have to add, doesn't look like he is only two years younger than me...but I digress.
    Certainly, I would accept that the nuances of comedy and wordplay is lost with subtitles but I have seen enough Bollywood this year to have got over that.
    This, to me was just disjointed.
    Khan, who I thought was very good in Dabangg last year, is wasted with this plot. He seems to have solutions to impossible problems. Whether it is rescuing his girl from hanging above a ravine to getting mafia leaders to cut off their own ponytails (the symbol of their power).
    Asin is pleasant enough but scarcely stretched.
    The saving grace was the dance set pieces. I really have never seen a dance move which comprises of a chap moving his hands in his pockets before! It would seem even ruder to say it worked and had rhythm but it did and this was a U certificate film.
    It picked up after the intermission but meeting a blog follower and pocket dancing aside, Ready was worth a forgettable 5/10.

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237. Ready

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